The (Mid-)Weekly Word: Oops!


Happy Monday folks! –Wait, what? It’s Tuesday?!? How the hell did that happen?!?

Yeah, so after the weekend, Monday came along, and I didn’t have my laptop handy because I was visiting friends and family for the weekend, and my phone died Sunday night and I forgot to bring my phone charger with me so I basically couldn’t upload The Weekly Word business-as-usual.


But enough excuses! This week gone, was full of nothingness. I had 6 hours of work, and the rest of it was spent doing nothing but lazing around and watching TV. To the point where I lay around that much on Wednesday, that I woke up Thursday morning with a killer pain in my back. Yup. I still get the odd twinge here and there in my back but I’m hoping it’s just a muscle knot, and not something serious like a slipped disk. If it hasn’t completely gone by next week, I’m thinking I’ll have to get it looked at.

Along came Saturday, and I decided to take myself off to Dublin, which is about a 40 minute car journey from where I live. I had a rare complete weekend off (both Saturday and Sunday), which was great because, I usually work every Sunday. I caught up with friends and family and returned home a just a little after midnight on Monday. I also got to see the Deadpool movie on Saturday night, and it was AWESOME! Deadpool is my favourite comic book character, and I’ve been reading his comics for years, so I had high expectations for the movie, and they were fulfilled. I think I can safely say there was Maximum Effort put into the movie (you’ll only get that reference if you’ve seen the movie)!

I had a great time, and it really helped break up the time because I’m not back in work until this Thursday, and there’s nothing worse than doing nothing when you’ve got so many days off work. I’m thinking I’m going to either have to find a new job, or a second job to go along with my current job, because I just seem to have too much free time on my hands, and while that may be a good thing for some people, I find it’s just not healthy, and I’d rather be doing something with myself. Any suggestions?


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