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Hello June!

Hello there and welcome to Hello June (well, almost)! My Hello series is the monthly recap series I host here on the blog where I fill you guys in on the month I just had as we say hello to the new oncoming month! If anything, this past month has been eventful. May is alwaysContinue Reading “Hello June!”

Blog Writing

A Big Happy 2nd Birthday to WBW!

I couldn’t let the day pass without dropping in to inform you guys that April 1st is the birthday of this blog, WeeBitWordy. Today WBW turns 2. That’s right, two years ago in the wee hours of the night, I decided to start this little blog here. I was bored, and wanted somewhere where IContinue Reading “A Big Happy 2nd Birthday to WBW!”

The Weekly Word

In Which WBW Hits 200 WordPress Followers!!!

It’s a happy happy Monday folks!!! WHY?!? Well if you haven’t gathered by the title of this post, or the various meme/gifs above, WeeBitWordy has reached 200 FOLLOWERS here on WordPress!!! How amazing is that?!? WBW started not too long ago, April 1st 2014 to be exact, and only a year and 4 months later,Continue Reading “In Which WBW Hits 200 WordPress Followers!!!”


The Weekly Word: In Which It's Tuesday!

Howdy folks! It would appear Monday escaped me, which is great, as I didn’t suffer it’s gloominess it usually casts upon the day! I spent the weekend visiting my parents in Dublin, and ended up on an impromptu road trip (little over an hour’s drive) to nearby county Kilkenny. We didn’t spend long there (anContinue Reading “The Weekly Word: In Which It's Tuesday!”