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Hello June!

Hello there and welcome to Hello June (well, almost)! My Hello series is the monthly recap series I host here on the blog where I fill you guys in on the month I just had as we say hello to the new oncoming month! If anything, this past month has been eventful. May is alwaysContinue Reading “Hello June!”

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The Weekly Word (7): Toe Recovery

Howdy folks! I hope the week has been kind to you. How was your Valentine’s Day? I hope you spoiled/got spoiled your loved one! Before I begin, as usual I’m going to remind you that The Weekly Word is my own take on The Building Rome Project run by Bradley over on Green Embers. BeContinue Reading “The Weekly Word (7): Toe Recovery”

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WBW Tuesday: Q-n-A!

Hi guys! Its Tuesday, and that means y’all get a little something different here on Wee Bit Wordy. Yes, I’d like it if the blog updated a bit more regularly, so from now on, hopefully you’ll see new posts on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays! Hooray! Today’s post is inspired by The Indecisive Eejit‘s post overContinue Reading “WBW Tuesday: Q-n-A!”