Marvel Knights: X-Men – Haunted || GN Review

In a small cabin in the woods, the X-Men find a young mutant learning to control her powers.but she’s not alone! As the X-Men are ambushed by a horde of super-villains and two new mutants’ powers begin to spiral out of control, can the X-Men save an entire town? Or, as infighting threatens to pitContinue Reading “Marvel Knights: X-Men – Haunted || GN Review”


The Ghosts of Magnificent Children by Caroline Busher

The year is 1848. It is a time when magic and ghosts exist. Four Magnificent Children are captured by Badblood’s Circus. Theo can look into your eyes and reveal your secret thoughts, which come out of his mouth like a swarm of bees. Ginny has a bird called Blue living inside her. Her ribs areContinue Reading “The Ghosts of Magnificent Children by Caroline Busher”


Things That Go Bump In The Night by Caroline Busher

Welcome to a very special guest post here today on WBW. I’m honoured to be part of the blog tour for author Caroline Busher and her debut novel The Ghosts of Magnificent Children! Things that go bump in the night. It was October, only days before Halloween, the evenings were dark and cold, leaves crunched beneath my feetContinue Reading “Things That Go Bump In The Night by Caroline Busher”

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In Which I Read "Into The Grey" by Celine Kiernan

My name is Patrick Finnerty. I am fifteen and I’m losing my brother. A ghost is stealing him away. I know how crazy that sounds. But my brother, my twin, is going to die; I’m watching him die. No one else can see what’s happening. What can I do? The answers seem to lie withinContinue Reading “In Which I Read "Into The Grey" by Celine Kiernan”