My Spotify "Discover Weekly" Playlist

Welcome to Day 22 of NanoPoblano! Can you believe we’ve only little over a week left to go?!? I know, crazy, right? It doesn’t feel like a month of blogging everyday. Today I want to share with you my “Discover Weekly” Spotify playlist. What is it? I hear you ask, well, I’ll let Spotify themselves tellContinue Reading “My Spotify "Discover Weekly" Playlist”


The Weekly Word: Birdsong

Welcome back to another edition of the The Weekly Word! For those of you popping in for the first time, The Weekly Word is my weekly update blog post where I fill you in on how my week has been. This week was no different really from any other week and I didn’t do anythingContinue Reading “The Weekly Word: Birdsong”

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My Top 5 "Watch-It Again" Videos

Happy Friday folks! Today I am sharing with you guys some videos. This post is inspired (with many thanks) to Rara, who also did this, with her own videos. Rara is great, and I love reading her blog posts, so make sure to go show her some love! Also the videos she re-watches are probablyContinue Reading “My Top 5 "Watch-It Again" Videos”