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Children of Eden by Joey Graceffa

Rowan is a Second Child in a world where population control measures make her an outlaw, marked for death. She can never go to school, make friends, or get the eye implants that will mark her as a true member of Eden. Her kaleidoscope eyes will give her away to the ruthless Center government. OutsideContinue Reading “Children of Eden by Joey Graceffa”


The Space Between Us || Movie Review

In this interplanetary adventure, shortly after arriving to help colonise Mars, an astronaut dies while giving birth to the first human born on the red planet. Thus begins the extraordinary life of Gardner Elliot – an inquisitive, highly intelligent boy who reaches the age of 16 having only met 14 people in his very unconventionalContinue Reading “The Space Between Us || Movie Review”

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What I Read In May!

Hi guys! Today I’m sharing with you guys the books I read in May! This month’s post will be a little different from the last few “What I Read” posts that I’ve done, in the sense that they’re books I wouldn’t normally read on a regular basis. These books are by two of my favoriteContinue Reading “What I Read In May!”