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In Which I Geek About: Nimona, Star Wars and Lego!

Welcome folks! I know it’s Saturday, and I missed out on Friday, but I have very good reasons for why I am a day late: I want to introduce this new(ish) section here on WBW where every other week, I shall enthuse/geek-out about some graphic novels, merchandise and other geek-like media that is in myContinue Reading “In Which I Geek About: Nimona, Star Wars and Lego!”

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The Weekly Word (6): NEW NAME FOR NEW ROME

Welcome one, welcome all to The Weekly Word, formerly known as New Rome, formerly known as Building Rome, here on WeeBitWordy! I decided I wasn’t happy with the name New Rome, and when does it stop being New? So I wanted it to have a real cool kinda name, and my update here on WBWContinue Reading “The Weekly Word (6): NEW NAME FOR NEW ROME”

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Welcome to A Wee Bit Wordy!

Hello there, and welcome to the first ever blog post of Wee Bit Wordy! If you are reading this I am so very glad you could join me here. As you can probably guess, the blog is still in its baby steps and is still a wee bit away from establishing its visual identity. WhatContinue Reading “Welcome to A Wee Bit Wordy!”