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Adagio Fandom Tea!

**Today’s blog post is in collaboration with Adagio Teas, who have kindly supplied me with some of their tea to sample and review here on the blog** I was recently contacted by the lovely Ashley of Adagio Teas, and she asked me if I would be interested in sampling some of their Fandom Collection in whichContinue Reading “Adagio Fandom Tea!”

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Timeless: My Thoughts So Far…

When a mysterious criminal steals a secret state-of-the-art time machine, planning to use it to change past events to destroy America in the present, the only hope is a team of unexpected heroes composed of a scientist, a soldier and a history professor. The trio must use the stolen machine’s prototype to journey back inContinue Reading “Timeless: My Thoughts So Far…”


The Bookish Book Lover Tag

Hi guys! I was going to do a graphic novel review today, but I decided I want to do this tag instead. Fret not though, you guys are getting a review (although not of a graphic novel) on Friday! I saw Emma from Bluchickenninja post this tag yesterday, and while she didn’t tag me, I wouldContinue Reading “The Bookish Book Lover Tag”


Whatever Wednesday: Questions 3

Happy Wednesday folks, and welcome back to WBW! As I mentioned in last Wednesday’s Coffee Shop Musings, I’m not sure what I’m going to do on Wednesday’s, so I’m here by calling it Whatever Wednesday! For today’s Whatever Wednesday I’m going to answer Charles’s Questions 3. 1. What is the funniest thing that has happenedContinue Reading “Whatever Wednesday: Questions 3”


Day 6: Doctor Who Day

Its day 6 of my “Blog Everyday in September” Challenge and today I want to talk about Doctor Who. More specifically, I want to talk about Peter Capaldi as the Doctor! Before we go any further, might I suggest you not read any further if you haven’t been watching Season 8 up to Episode 3,Continue Reading “Day 6: Doctor Who Day”

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Stream of Consciousness April-5-2014

This post is part of SoCS: ( My friends and I are total nerds–geeks–whatever you want to call it–we love all things Doctor Who related and comic books. Doctor Who is usually our main topic–especially if we’re scrolling through Facebook or Tumblr and we see a Doctor Who meme, we’ll like, share and tag eachContinue Reading “Stream of Consciousness April-5-2014”