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Friday Fav: Terry Pratchett and Discworld

Welcome folks to a very special edition of Friday Fav, even though it is only the second in this series. As you might have heard, (and if not, are you living under a rock?) Sir Terry Pratchett died yesterday, aged 66. Every Friday I sit down and tell you guys about my favourite thing ofContinue Reading “Friday Fav: Terry Pratchett and Discworld”


The Wonderful World of Windemere

Isn’t that a beautiful cover? As I’ve said before, I’m new to blogging, so when Dean said he’d help me out to get started, he also recommended a couple of blogs for me to follow. One of them blogs was called Legends of Windemere and is run by author Charles E Yallowitz. He writes andContinue Reading “The Wonderful World of Windemere”

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Welcome to A Wee Bit Wordy!

Hello there, and welcome to the first ever blog post of Wee Bit Wordy! If you are reading this I am so very glad you could join me here. As you can probably guess, the blog is still in its baby steps and is still a wee bit away from establishing its visual identity. WhatContinue Reading “Welcome to A Wee Bit Wordy!”