The Weekly Word: In Which I Blog Everyday In June!

No, you haven’t read the title wrong, yes, I think I am mad! Joking aside, I’ve had this super huge urge lately to just write everyday, and I think I want to share that here on WBW to be honest. Where is this coming from? I’ve been catching up on a lot of the blogsContinue Reading “The Weekly Word: In Which I Blog Everyday In June!”

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Weekly Word: In Which I Return

*Shuffles in awkwardly*… Hey… ha… um yeah, so I am back after a small little two week break… um, I would apologise, but I was told that you should never apologise to the internet… so if you wanted an apology, that was it! Let me do some explaining…I feel like I should. So I basicalyContinue Reading “Weekly Word: In Which I Return”