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Hello June!

Hello there and welcome to Hello June (well, almost)! My Hello series is the monthly recap series I host here on the blog where I fill you guys in on the month I just had as we say hello to the new oncoming month! If anything, this past month has been eventful. May is alwaysContinue Reading “Hello June!”


My Dublin Comic-Con 2016 Recap!

This weekend just gone, we had Dublin Comic-Con (DCC) here in Ireland, in the Convention Centre Dublin down on the docklands. If I’m not mistaken, DCC has been running now for 2 or 3 years? I could be wrong, but this was my first time attending it since it started. I did attend D.I.C.E (DublinContinue Reading “My Dublin Comic-Con 2016 Recap!”


The Weekly Word: In Which I Was Really Sick

I have to admit that this week was fairly uneventful for me. On Monday and Tuesday I didn’t get up to much, just caught up on some chores, etc, before taking off to Dublin on Wednesday for a quick trip to see my Dad and Grandad in advance of Father’s Day, because I was workingContinue Reading “The Weekly Word: In Which I Was Really Sick”


The 50 Bookish Questions Tag

    Hi guys! Today I’m doing the 50 Bookish Questions Tag. I found this tag over on BluChickenNinja’s Blog. I’ve never done a Tag post before, and have always wanted to do one, so yay! Like BluChickenNinja, I’m going to let anyone who wants to do this tag consider themselves tagged, because hey, we’reContinue Reading “The 50 Bookish Questions Tag”