The 50 Bookish Questions Tag

    Hi guys! Today I’m doing the 50 Bookish Questions Tag. I found this tag over on BluChickenNinja’s Blog. I’ve never done a Tag post before, and have always wanted to do one, so yay! Like BluChickenNinja, I’m going to let anyone who wants to do this tag consider themselves tagged, because hey, we’reContinue Reading “The 50 Bookish Questions Tag”


My Favourite Books of 2015

   As I was going through my list of blog post ideas, it occured to me that I never actually got around to sharing with you guys my favourite books of 2015. I know I generally read and review a book straight away here on WBW, but sometimes you just have to pick your favourites.Continue Reading “My Favourite Books of 2015”

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Books I'm Reading Going Into 2016

  Hi guys! Welcome back to WeeBitWordy. I think I’ve finally found the direction I want to bring this blog, and the kind of material I want to share with you guys, and that is whatever I feel like, because this is my blog after all, and I should only have to post whatever IContinue Reading “Books I'm Reading Going Into 2016”