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Stream of Consciousness: June 27, 2015

In Which I Have A Rant And Love Wins

Happy Saturday everyone! I wanted to make a little blog post today as I didn’t get around to one yesterday, and I’ve had a lot on my mind lately, and to be honest I just can’t wait until Monday’s Weekly Word to share it with you guys.

I’m thinking of doing a lot more of these types of posts, and not just on a Saturday. The author/comic book writer, Warren Ellis, sits down to his computer everyday (almost) and shares what’s on his mind on a little blog called, and I think it’s a brilliant idea, even if it just means typing a little something for ten minutes about whatever’s rattling around in that cage you call a brain on that particular morning. So be warned!

My phone broke last night. Yes, I can hear the gasps coming from you all right now. And it broke in a stupid way too. My house has tiles downstairs, so if anything glass or precious falls on them, it generally breaks 9 out of ten times. Seriously, the amount of drinking glasses we’ve lost in the last 9-10 years living here, you could probably fill two or three pubs! But anyway, I dropped my iPhone 5C, it landed face down on the tiles, SMACK! I hesitated picking it up, I was expecting the worst, but no it was fine, the screen was perfectly in tact, so I shoved it back in my pocket and went back to whatever it was I was doing. A few minutes later I sat down, and took the phone out to check it, as you do, only to notice all these lines streaking down the lock screen of the phone–Crap! I shouted–I went to unlock the phone, swiping my thumb across the screen horizontly, and there was no response–crapbaskets–I tried it again, and again, again. Nope. It won’t work. I turn the phone off, turn it back on, the streaks are still there but the screen still won’t respond to my touch. Thank goodness I have the bloody thing insured! I went down to the shop this morning where I bought the phone (who also deal with the insurance, and sending it away to get repaired etc.) and she confirmed that the phone was indeed busted, and thankfully my insurance covers it. She recommended that I go back with it Monday, as it will just sit in the shop until then anyway. So, she’s typing away on her computer while I’m filling out the claim form, and hey what do you know, she informs me that my insurance payments have lapsed since March. There was an error on the bank’s part, where my direct debit, for who knows what reason, got bounced, and it technically hasn’t been insured for the past three months–Great! She calls the insurance company, explains the situation, and they say it will cost me €60 (the amount owed since March) to renew my direct debit with them. I huff and puff, and get over it. I thank the kind lady in the store and leave, informing her I will be back Monday with the phone, and hesitantly with the money too! GRRRR!!!! I just want to scream and shout!

So, that’s been my day, and it’s only 11:30AM. I hope your day is going somewhat better than mine!

PS: AMERICA, I heard your AWESOME news yesterday! CONGRATULATIONS!!! LOVE WINS! <3

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