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Stream of Consciousness April-5-2014

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My friends and I are total nerds–geeks–whatever you want to call it–we love all things Doctor Who related and comic books.

Doctor Who is usually our main topic–especially if we’re scrolling through Facebook or Tumblr and we see a Doctor Who meme, we’ll like, share and tag each other on them. At present, there’s an argument going on between us as to who my Doctor is. As in the actor who was playing the role when I started watching the show. The problem is, my first Doctor Who episode was the Christmas Special in which Eccleston regenerated into Tennant–see the problem? I’d like to think that it’s Tennant, just cause he’s so gosh darn handsome!

As for comic books, we usually chat about our favourite artists and writers and what we’re reading at the time. We can spend anywhere from half an hour to two hours talking just about comics–it’s crazy!

At the moment we’ve started reading two comics Marvel have relaunched back to #1: Moon Knight and All-New Ghost Rider. It’s interesting because we’ve come to the conclusion that we’ve never bought either of these characters books before, and only read stories that they’re in if they appear in something that we are reading!

Speaking of Ghost Rider, have you seen Dean’s wee sketch of him that he posted yesterday? If not CLICK HERE to see it! It’s truly amazing!

8 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness April-5-2014”

  1. I’ve never much been into Doctor Who or the comic book scene, but I find it amazing how dedicated those who are into them, are. Thanks very much for joining in SoCS! 😀

  2. lol thank goodness I am vegetarian I need not try it 😉 but that was a great Christmas Special to start Dr Who with. Tennant was my first as well and I think he is the best anyway. Thanks for sharing

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