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So, You're Addicted to Netflix…

58630_netflix-logoSo I’ve decided to bite the bullet and signed up to Netflix. Yup, I needed to know what all the fuss about all these great new “Netflix Original” TV series was, and boy I can tell you I wasn’t disappointed.

But now I have a problem… if you are familiar with my doodles over on Dean’z Doodlez you know then that I recently became addicted to watching to You Tube videos, and then when you throw Netflix into the mix, well let’s just say I no longer have a social life.

I’m kidding (kinda)–okay so I go out for a few hours everyday–mainly just work…

Egads! What have I become–somebody help me!!!

So what exactly am I addicted to, huh? Well, I heard you guys like lists, so that’s exactly what I’m gonna do:

  • Breaking Bad:

artworks-000076104410-g63cw3-originalYes the great Breaking Bad–I have jumped the bandwagon and started watching the so-called greatest TV show on Earth! I have just finished episode 3 and have yet to say “THIS IS AMAZING GIVE ME MORE!!!”, but I would say it is early yet and it’s getting there. (What I’m really wondering though, is when is he gonna shave his head???)


  • Hemlock Grove:

Hemlock Grove: My first Netflix Original TV series. Its f***ing great!!! I love it! It reminds me a lot of Hannibal, so maybe that’s why I love it so much. Its dark, gruesome and that transformation–OH!!! If you love Hannibal, you’ll love this!!!


  • Orange Is The New Black:Orange-is-the-New-Black-02-poster1-e1374452170612-959x1024

Orange is the New Black… where do I start… a-maze-ING!!! Its full of comedy and I am surprised that this isn’t on the main TV Networks because it is absolutely hilarious! If you loved Friends you’ll love this.


As well as them amazing TV shows, I’ve also been indulging my inner child. I’ve started watching Adventure Time from the very beginning–its awesome–and as well as that, I’m reliving my childhood by re-watching the original series of Pokemon! I lived on this show as a kid, and its nothing but pure perfection and amazing memories as I relive my childhood by watching it!

And there you have it. My Netflix experience. I really have to figure out a way to schedule an episode or two into my day, without it taking over my life!

Are you watching Netflix? What are you watching and is it taking over your life, too??? Let me know by dropping a comment below! 🙂

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