Questions 3: What do you think of Graphic Novels?


For today’s post I want to ask you, my fellow readers, some questions. The idea of this style post comes from Charles over on Legends of Windemere, who does a series of posts called Questions 3, asking his readers 3 questions and allowing them to reply via the comments section, or in their own blog post answering the questions. While I don’t know whether I’ll make a series out of it, I do want to ask you guys three questions. Feel free to answer the questions in the comments section, or if you want, in a blog post of your own. Just make sure to pingback/link it back to this blog post so I can see your answers! On with the questions!

  1. Do you read graphic novels?/Have you ever read a graphic novel?

  2. Would you consider reading a graphic novel the same as reading a regular novel? Would you pick up a graphic novel just as easy as a regular book?

  3. Do you think graphic novels should be considered the same as books, considering how popular they’re becoming?

And there you have it! There are my three questions to you! I look forward to reading your answers!

4 thoughts on “Questions 3: What do you think of Graphic Novels?”

  1. 1. Yes.

    2. The two mediums really are different due to the graphic novels having pictures. So there are less words on the page, which makes them a quicker read than a novel. Easier might not always be the case since some graphic novels require the same amount of thought and insight as a word-only novel. For example, one could take a bit longer on ‘Watchmen’ due to it’s complicated themes.

    3. Not sure what you mean by ‘same as books’. If you mean that they should be seen as something that isn’t only for children than I agree. There are many for adults. Beyond that, I’m not sure. The two both tell a story, but one has a more visual element than the other. So they’re really different in method.

  2. 1. Yeah, pretty obsessed that it’s concerning in all honesty.

    2. I usually will read a graphic novel when I’m struggling to get through a book and I just want an accomplishment. I’m usually more excited about reading a graphic novel compared to books. I read a lot and I do a hard course at uni so they’re usually a break for me to just not have to focus too intently. I have also read a graphic novel as a book such as Blankets by Craig Thompson which is one of the closer graphic novels to a book so I read that as a story all on it’s own without accompaniment.

    3. I think Graphic novels should be a separate category because they’re different and it’s a good way to distinguish. I see it more as a genre because I’ve read so many but I think graphic novels such as Maus deserve a serious amount of respect because they’re a story, a lot are, but it’s really impactful and you read it for the story not the art although that can keep some people engaged.

    Also, bonus question, are you Scottish, because wee is a very scottish thing?

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