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QnA Tuesday: Mistaken Identity

Hi hello how are ya! A bit late with today’s post but here it is in any regard! This is QnA Tuesday #2.

The first question comes from some guy called Carl. He commented on last week’s post asking “are you the guy on the Waldorf Brothers poster on Westmoreland St?”

There are two reasons why I’m kind of freaked out by this question. Maybe three! First: who are you Carl? Why is there no link, nothing attached to your comment so I can see who you are. Second: I used to work on that street! Before I worked in the Art & Hobby store, I used to work in a bookstore on Westmoreland St, Dublin, Ireland.
Thirdly: No I am not the guy on the Waldorf Brothers poster, which is a barbers, and while I have recently started sporting a pompadour hairstyle, which they specialise in, no it’s not me.
Freaked out??? I know I am!!! Who the hell are you Carl??? How do you know me????

The second question is from Deborah asked: If you could start a new career and you magically had all of the skills and knowledge you needed to do that career, what would it be?

Great question Deborah, and your timing is quite accurate as I have just recently become employed in a new job, and I LOVE IT!!!
I used to work in a bookstore on Westmoreland St (see above, lol) and while the pay was good, I wasn’t 100% happy there, as my hours weren’t permanent, (I could called in for one day tomorrow, and not be in for another two weeks, or in one case 5 MONTHS!!) and I was sent from one store to another(they have 4 stores within ten minute walking distance of each other). I have been in my new job, an Art & Hobby store, for just over a month now, and I get 4 days guaranteed work a week, along side not having to go walkies whenever the boss feels like! Also I love it, and as an artist I am in my element, helping other artists and hobbyists in any way I can! So to answer your question Deborah, even if I could, right now I wouldn’t! 🙂

That’s it this week folks for the questions. I hope you enjoyed, and if you yourself have a question regardless of its seriousness or silliness, all you have to do is comment on this very post! Or tweet me at @deanzdoodlez over on Twitter! I look forward to your questions and I shall see you next week for another instalment of QnA Tuesday! 🙂

2 thoughts on “QnA Tuesday: Mistaken Identity”

  1. Good luck on that Carl thing! 😉 I love the answer to my question. I’m so glad you found something that really fits you better. That’s great. So that brings up another question (or two). You are an artist. So, my two-part question is this. What is your favorite form of art expression (format), and what is another form that you would like to try but haven’t yet? 🙂

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