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QnA Tuesday–I mean Wednesday–What???

ae3f1b4adf17d67cc08fd10b176228b0c0d4f0be4ef9eae67be5307d6e92837cHi guys, so as you’ve probably gathered, Tuesday completely escaped me! While I did manage to schedule a post for Saturday, I was too tired in the end for QnA Tuesday, which is QnA Wednesday, just for today. As a matter of fact, I think this may well be the VERY LAST QnA post I do, as I have only received ONE question, and that is from Deborah, who also graced us with a question last week. Take it away:

You are an artist. So, my two-part question is this. What is your favorite form of art expression (format), and what is another form that you would like to try but haven’t yet?

Interesting question(s) Deborah! My favorite form of art at the moment is pen and ink illustrations. I’ve done this quite heavily throughout most of my art life, but only in the last two years realized it was one of my strongest assets. I also enjoy very much watercolors, recently, and if I was told tomorrow, that watercolors were the only form of paint left in the world, I’d be quite happy with that.

To answer your second question… I’ll have to think about this… in college, we experimented with a lot of different styles, techniques and forms of art, including sculpting and installation art… bare with me for a sec…and I’m back! Upon Google-ing art forms, it appears that Video Games now fits into the Arts category along side drawing, painting, photography and conceptual art. So I guess this is my answer. I’ve never looked into the development of games much, the designing of the characters, worlds etc, so I guess this is the area that would interest me to approach next, if the opportunity ever arose!

So we’re short and sweet in this weeks post. And that’s all we have time for! Next week, we have a fantastic guest post coming from Katie from the D/A Dialogues blog, so I hope you’ll pop in to have a read of that! Toodles! 🙂

3 thoughts on “QnA Tuesday–I mean Wednesday–What???”

  1. Video games! How awesome! Thanks for your answers. I really enjoyed this. Sorry there weren’t more questions. I would do one weekly, but that’s more being penpals than blogging. I’ll look forward to your other posts. 🙂

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