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QnA Tuesday: Boba Fett and Sobbing My Heart Out!

Hello my friends and fellow bloggers and welcome to the first ever QnA Tuesday! Last week I asked you guys to ask me some questions, regardless of whether they were serious or silly in nature! I got two very good questions, but I only got two–come on guys! I WANT MORE QUESTIONS! If you enjoy this post and want another QnA next week, make sure to comment below with your question or tweet it to me at @deanzdoodlez. ONTO THE QUESTIONS:

Charles of theΒ Legends of Windemere Blog asked:

Would you rather be an intergalactic bounty hunter in a sci-fi world or a mercenary in a fantasy world?

Interesting question Charles. I love both fantasy and sci-fi, and have written stories myself set in both worlds, but all in all I think I would rather be a intergalactic bounty hunter! Why? Well, Boba Fett from Star Wars would definitely be one reason why, he just looks so goddamn cool and as well as that a character from an Image comic book written by Brian K Vaughn called Saga (which I’m sure most of you have hopefully heard about by now–if not look it up) has a character called The Will and he too is a bounty hunter that works for a company that has bounty hunters for hire and well, it looks goddamn friggin’ amazing! Also, there’s the whole intergalactic thing, y’know! You get to hop from world to world traveling to seek out and destroy your designated target!

As much as I love the fantasy world, I don’t think I would like to be a mercenary there. The weapons are just not cool enough, and well, apart maybe from Assassin’s Creed, and Charles’ Legends of Windemere book series (which is available for purchase on Amazon), you don’t hear of that many well renowned mercenaries from fantasy worlds. Now, don’t get me wrong, you’ll probably all head straight to the comments section now and list about a bazillion merc’s, but off hand apart from those mentioned above, I can’t think of any. Also, a light saber or a laser gun beats a sword any day of the week πŸ˜‰

Thanks for the awesome question Charles, I hope my answer was satisfactory.

VH-star-wars-boba-fettNow onto the next question, which was asked by The Indecisive Eejit:

Name a movie that made you cry?

Name a movie that made me cry… hmm… where do I star–I mean, eh, sure, eh, men don’t cry–just kidding! Lot’s of movies have made me cry, and I won’t be quick to deny it. To be honest, if a movie is about animals, or has animals in it and they get injured in any way or die at all, you can be guaranteed to find me sitting in the corner sobbing my heart out! Let me give you some examples:

As a child, I always, always, always sobbed when I watched the Free Willy movies! I was about 5 or 6 and for god knows what reason always sobbed when the damn thing was reunited with its family. Its been YEARS since I last seen it and can’t be too sure off the top of my head what happens, but I’m pretty sure there’s a scene where Willy gets captured and I always cried for that part too. It wasn’t until the end when he was rescued my mother would have to reassure me everything was okay, to which my 5-6 yr old response would be “but why does there always have to be a sad part?!?”.

free-willy_o_465370The second movie, most notable for making me cry was Marley & Me. Yup. But then again, who didn’t? Right??? This time around I wasn’t a child when I watched it, oh no! Even worse, it was only three or four years ago that I first saw it. I was homeward bound on a flight from wherever my holiday destination was, but it was one of those planes where you needed special headphones to hear the little TV they show the movie on, and of course I didn’t have a pair. The in-flight movie was of course, Marley & Me, and I thought, sure feck it, I’ll just watch the movie anyway, who needs headphones!
NOT ME! I was sobbing like my little six year old self come the end of the movie and had to put my head down on the fold down table and pretend I was sleeping to hide the fact the tears were streaming down my face for poor Marley. WHY DAMMIT, WHY!

So there you have it Indecisive, those are the two most notable movies that have made me cry. I’m sure there are plenty more, but those two are the most vivid in my memories that I know of.

Thanks again to Charles and Indecisive Eejit for two equally awesome questions! I hope you guys enjoyed this QnA post and remember, if you want more, make sure to ask your questions in the comment section below and I will answer them in next week’s QnA Tuesday, no matter how ridiculously silly or serious they are!

9 thoughts on “QnA Tuesday: Boba Fett and Sobbing My Heart Out!”

  1. Interesting answer. I’m actually the opposite. I like the elegance of swords and you always have magical gear. Laser blasters seem so boring and ‘meh’ to me. Seen one firefight with people hiding behind boxes, seen them all. I think due to Boba Fett, the concept of a bounty hunter has become exclusively that of sci-fi. So you won’t see too many in fantasy or they’re called something else or act as a minor villain going after the hero.

    Note about me and lightsabers: I honestly hate that weapon. Loved it when I was a kid, but now people drop it into ‘Vs.’ conversations as if it’s this unbeatable weapon. Could it beat a normal sword? Of course since it was designed to cut through anything. The question comes up if it could be an enchanted blade. Keep in mind that even if you destroy a magical weapon, the release causes an explosion that at the very least injures the people standing nearby. You’re working with two different systems here, so the comparison tends to be in favor of whichever weapon the person explaining prefers.

  2. Ah, I started reading Saga not that long ago. It is messed up! I have a feeling there will not be a movie made off of it, lol. The Will and Boba Fett though, I like. πŸ™‚

  3. Oh my, Marley and Me had me like a jibbering wreck, I think I used a whole box of tissues in one sitting. You’d be quicker to ask me which movies I have not cried at lol
    I like this idea of people asking questions, I’m added it to a post of mine tonight because people are always saying they like it when they find out things about me.

  4. What a great idea! OK, so I’ll ask a question. If you could start a new career and you magically had all of the skills and knowledge you needed to do that career, what would it be?

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