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Public Squeaking–I Mean Speaking!

Are you comfortable in front of people, or does the idea of public speaking make you want to hide in the bathroom? Why?

I hate speaking in public with a passion! Ever since I can remember, I’ve had what I could guess what you call stage fright, but isn’t really stage fright, if you get me…

In school, whenever something had to be read out loud in class, I had no problem. But get me to stand at the top of the class and read and I would freak out. I would go as white as a ghost and when I got the top of the class, my voice would get all mumbly and shaky and I’d start sweating frantically and trip over my words–horrible!

Fast forward to college, I was made class representative. This meant I represented the class as one person. Whenever there was a problem, I would be the one it was brought to, or I had to go to management with complaints if they were given. I had no problem with this, in fact I actually enjoyed it! About once a month there would be “class rep. meetings” where all the class representitives from each course would get together as a group and discuss social events in the college, and whatever other issues were on the agenda. The problem I had with this was that once the meeting was over I would have to return back to the class and relay the agenda, and the solutions and all the goings on of the meeting… at the top of the class! Oh yes, all those memories of standing in front of the class in national and secondary school came flooding back to me, sweaty palms, shaky voice…. Yuck!

But after a few months, I guess I kinda got over the “stage fright” because as the months rolled by, the class seemed to get smaller, and smaller, and smaller. At the beginning of my 2 year course there was approximately 20+ of us all together. I think only six or seven of that 20+ graduated–excluding myself! But because there were so few at the end, and we all created such a close knitted bond, it was just like talking to a group of close friends, as opposed to standing in front of a classroom full of peers. I became more confident in myself, and made a purpose of being organised and being able to tell these guys what was going on in the college and being able to help them with any problems that they might have. To the point, where I actually forgot that I was class rep, because it came so naturally to me that when people came to me I was baffled as to “why me?” and then they’d remind me and then I would burst out laughing because I honestly and truly forgot.

So that’s my experience so far with public speaking–but don’t ask me to talk to a croud of random people, I would not be able to hack that–heck, I don’t feel comfortable talking into a camera. I prefer to talk to you guys from behind these words and not a camera!

Have you a fear of public speaking?

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