Power Rangers || Movie Review
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Power Rangers || Movie Review

Power_Rangers_(2017_Official_Theatrical_Poster)Five ordinary teens must become something extraordinary when they learn that their small town of Angel Grove – and the world – is on the verge of being obliterated by an alien threat. Chosen by destiny, our heroes quickly discover they are the only ones who can save the planet. But to do so, they will have to overcome their real-life issues and before it’s too late, band together as the Power Rangers.

OK before I begin: Power Rangers is my childhood. I grew up watching Power Rangers Light Speed Rescue, and then as I grew older, managed to watch the original series. This was my favourite TV show growing up as a child. This was the TV show I would run home from school to watch, and absolutely loved when there was Red Ranger/other Rangers crossovers!

I was fascinated with the telling of this rendition of the Rangers. At the very beginning we got to see the demise of Zordon, and the other original Power Rangers and how Rita Repulsa came to be, and how Zordon planted the Power Coins into the Earth until the 5 were worthy enough to become the new Power Rangers. Previously we had never seen this in any of the TV series and I found it very fascinating. The writing on this was very well done, and brought the five of them together very well, without making it look like these were just five school kids picked out randomly. Each one has there own story that brings them to the mountain where the power coins are buried. Upon finding the power coins, each of them gains superhuman strength and agility, and together they must learn to work together to be the Power Rangers and defeat Rita. Unfortunately, they don’t work that well together and struggle to morph into their armour.


When they do finally get themselves together to morph, it gives us an excellent throwback to the TV series with Dacre Montgomery as Jason Scott, the Red Ranger uttering the iconic phrase: “It’s Morphin’ Time!” which I absolutely loved and would be lying if I said I didn’t squeal a little inside. Other fan-moments included: Alpha 5 saying “aye aye aye”, the Rangers mocking Bryan Cranston’s Zordon, but the imitation sounding more like Robert L. Manahan: the original voice of Zordon. Those were but a few. There was also an post-credits scene which I won’t talk about because personally I think its a bit spoilerific, so you’ll just have to watch it yourself to see what I mean. *cough Green Ranger* *cough Tommie Oliver* Hey! Who said that?!? 😉

Bryan Cranston did an excellent job as Zordon. His face on the wall was done very well, and a lot more believable than in the original series, and Bill Hader did an excellent job as the voice of Alpha 5. Elizabeth Banks was the brilliant Rita Repulsa–was very evil and brilliant at it, but I couldn’t help but think she was just Effie Trinket in another one of her mad outfits from the Hunger Games–but apart from that she was excellent!


If there’s one think that disappointed me about the whole movie, is that we didn’t get to see them fighting more in there armour on the ground fighting the clay men. I felt like they had only just morphed in their armour two minutes when already they were jumping into their Zords. I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy their time in the Zords, which was done very well. It was their first time in the Zords and they portrayed the clumsiness and awkardness that comes along with manning something that big for the first time. They also gave an awesome nod to the Transformers movies, when a yellow and black striped Chevrolet gets squished by the Red Rangers Zord, and all you can hear is Red shouting “Sorry Bumblebee” which I found absolutely hilarious!


Overall it was an excellent action packed movie with all the right nods in all the right places to the original TV series, because let’s face it: anyone who watched the Power Rangers TV series’ was going to go into this comparing the two. So you heard it here first folks: I approve!

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