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My Real Life Pin Board!

Today I want to share with you guys something a little different as part of my “Blog Everyday In September Challenge”. The fun thing about this challenge is trying to find new and different material to share with you guys in every post, and try and make it as different and interesting as possible.

Above is my pin board, or cork board, as they’re also known. I’ve recently been very busy with work and blogging that I had so many slips of paper and lists about things, that I just needed somewhere to put them all, but not only that, somewhere where I would see and notice it everyday. I have this guy tacked to the wall just above my desk, where I do all my drawing, writing and blogging; and if I need to write something down, or need to remember something for future reference, I usually just stick a pin on it on my board. Hey, its a real-life Pinterest board!

Let’s go through the board and see what’s there, shall we?

  • On top I have my little decoupage project that I did last month, sitting neatly on top of the pin board. I have to be careful though, as they’re not stuck onto it, so if I knock the board at all, they’re sure to come tumbling down!
  • Next, on the top left corner we have my Sims 4 Collector’s Edition sheet. I’ve already used the code if you’re thinking of grabbing it, so I doubt it will work for you. I just like to keep it there for reference in case I might need it again when I get my new laptop, but Origin are super organized and keep a digital version of the game on your profile so you can download whenever you want.
  • Directly beside the Sims 4 is just some scrap jotting paper that I had on my desk. I simply just pinned it there to get it out of the way. I’ll eventually get around to using it for something or other!
  • In the far right top hand corner I have my sketch of Groot that I did after seeing the Guardians of the Galaxy last month. I think its cute so I stuck it there.
  • Underneath on the left is my to-do list. You might recognize some of them chores from Sunday’s Building Rome post.
  • Directly beside that then is a list of TV shows I intend to watch/am watching on Netflix.
  • Beside that again, is my deposit on my new laptop that I should be hopefully getting by the end of this week! The one I am using currently is very bad. It has no iTunes, and while I was able to register and activate my Sims 4 game, it doesn’t have enough RAM to actually play the game! (It also runs on XP. Who uses XP anymore???)
  • Then you have my schedule for work. This week I am only in for a few hours on Thursday, and then a few hours on Sunday, so I’ll have to cut down on the spending this week.
  • Beside my schedule is a list of children’s movies that are available on Netflix. As I mentioned in a previous post, my neighbor is severely ill, and my mother and me are minding their three children while he’s in hospital, so I have set this list aside in case we have a rainy day and they can’t go out to play. I’ll let them pick a movie and watch it until their heart’s content!
  • I recently ransacked my wardrobe and donated a lot of clothes to charity. There were several t-shirts there that were way too small for me and some I hadn’t worn in ever, and others that I just wouldn’t be caught dead in anymore. So in the end I threw out approximately 10 t-shirts, 10 shirts and 2 jumpers; and that’s what that final list is. I am slowly buying the same quantity in new clothing, but like I said, not this week as funds are low!

So there you have it! That is my real-life Pinterest board! If you feel like you want to follow my actual Pinterest, you can do so by following this link, and I generally check out everyone who follows me, so if you have some boards I like, I might just follow you back! And on a final note I shall leave you with this here that I found on Pinterest just the other day! I feel like doing something like this to my pin board!

Corkboard covered in burlap with upholstery nails - this is perfect.
Found on

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