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Paperchase Haul

At the weekend, I went into Dublin City, and while I was there, I couldn’t help myself: I went into Paperchase!

Paperchase are a UK based stationery company who do all sorts of beautiful notebooks, organisers, and other stationery.Unfortunately, they don’t have any stores here in Ireland, except for one little outlet area that they have in Arnotts Department Store in Dublin’s City Centre.

Of course I had to go in and have a look, see what they had and they just so happened to also be having a 50% off Summer Sale–even better again!

paperchase haul

There was so much to choose from, and I couldn’t help myself but splurge. Below I’m going to show you all the items which I got in the sale, with the exception of one item, which I’ll tell you about when I get to it.

First up was a selection of sticky notes. These were from the Head Gangers range, and are really funky sticky notes, if I do say so myself, it’s not often you come across sticky notes like these. Now, because these were in the clearance section, they are a bit battered and worn at the edges, but sure that doesn’t bother me. I love the design on these, I think the simple addition of masks to the animals faces is both hilarious and beautiful. I’ll definitely be using these as often as possible.

The next thing I got in the Paperchase sale was this beautiful padfolio! It has a clip on the front cover, which allows to be used like a clipboard, but then you open it up on the inside, and you have an A4 pad inserted into the back pocket, along with a pocket on the left hand side for other pieces of paper or documents. I don’t have a use for this at this current moment in time, but all going to plan, I should be starting a new course come September time, and hopefully I’ll have a use for it then. I love the concrete image on the padfolio, and I just couldn’t resist picking it up.


Next up we have this cute little writing set, again from Paperchase’s Head Gangers range, I think these masked animals are just adorable, and when I saw this set I just had to get it. What you get is a little zip lock pouch, and in that is around 20 sheets of writing paper, some envelopes and two sheets of stickers, all with the masked animals on them. I love writing and have a pen-pal that I write to on a fairly regular basis, so they can expect some of this stuff in their next letter.


Last but not least, we have this Paperchase Organiser with the map of the world on it. This is the item I mentioned earlier that wasn’t in the sale. It was a little more expensive than that of the rest of the items I picked up, but I certainly think it was worth it. Inside the organiser, it’s split into 5 different sections via ring binder system. Alas, I doubt I’ll actually use any of the inserts that came with the organiser, and will probably strip it back to its bare minimum and customise it with my own inserts among other things. I’m also toying with the idea of maybe making this my next/new bullet journal, but I haven’t decided on that yet.

If you’d like to see a full flip through with more detailed explanation of the inserts, be sure to check out the video below. There is also an extra item in the video that I didn’t share with you guys here in this blog post.

That’s it folks! Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you all soon! 🙂

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