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Stream of Consciousness April-5-2014

This post is part of SoCS: ( My friends and I are total nerds–geeks–whatever you want to call it–we love all things Doctor Who related and comic books. Doctor Who is usually our main topic–especially if we’re scrolling through Facebook or Tumblr and we see a Doctor Who meme, we’ll like, share and tag eachContinue Reading “Stream of Consciousness April-5-2014”


The Wonderful World of Windemere

Isn’t that a beautiful cover? As I’ve said before, I’m new to blogging, so when Dean said he’d help me out to get started, he also recommended a couple of blogs for me to follow. One of them blogs was called Legends of Windemere and is run by author Charles E Yallowitz. He writes andContinue Reading “The Wonderful World of Windemere”

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New Blog Header – Thanks Dean

A big thank you to Dean for my blog header! This whole blogging experience is brand new to me, so to have his support and technical help through the whole thing has been brilliant! Dean has a blog you should go see, he’s an amazing artist and seems to have built quite the wee followingContinue Reading “New Blog Header – Thanks Dean”