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IN the DC Comics Universe (Pre-New 52), there is a planet called “Htrae”, which is “Earth” spelled backwards. On this planet, everyone and everything is the reverse and complete opposite to everything and everyone on the planet Earth. This got me thinking as to what the complete opposite and reverse of me would be. IContinue Reading “Bizarro”

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I'd Like to Introduce…

After a couple of days away, I return swiftly to you. I’m currently struggling, even with the great start I had, to find a direction for the blog. As a writer, I collaborate very closely with my good pal Dean who is a brilliant writer as well as an amazing artist! So, for all thoseContinue Reading “I'd Like to Introduce…”

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Fifty Days. Fifty Minutes. Fifty Short Stories. 50 Words.

Fred stared at the computer screen. It had been a whole fifty minutes already. Why hadn’t they replied? He hit the refresh button in the hopes it might work this time. Fifty days worth of work was depending on this. Would he ever get his fifty word short stories published? Written in response to thisContinue Reading “Fifty Days. Fifty Minutes. Fifty Short Stories. 50 Words.”