October Book Haul

October Book Haul

Today I’m sharing something a little different with you guys. I’ve been Book Haul videos flying around the YouTubes for years now, so I’ve decided its time to give it a go myself now–except in blog form. 

I finally got back into reading this month after a 3 month reading slump. That’s right folks, for three whole months I did not buy, let alone read a single book. Then, October came, and before I know it I’m now on my 2nd book of the month, and have already purchased 4 books, and 3 graphic novels. I think its safe to say I have fallen back down the rabbit hole…


elitesofedenThe first book I bought in October was the first of many a YouTuber book (because hey, all the YouTubers just seem to be releasing books this month) and that was Elites of Eden by Joey Graceffa. This is the second book in his YA fiction series, the first being Children of Eden and I actually quite enjoyed the first book (It came 3rd in My Top 5 Books by YouTubers post), so hopefully the second one can live up to it’s standard. The Eden series is about a world where the population became to much to handle, so they introduced a one child law, where you couldn’t have more than one child in the family, and the series takes place in the point of view of the main character who is the second child in a family and how she must escape the law. Quite a captivating read.

turtlesNext up was Turtles All the Way Down by John Green. This was one of those books that I knew as soon as I bought it I was going home to read it and devour it ASAP! I loved John Green’s last book The Fault In Our Stars, so I knew before I even started this that I was going to enjoy it. Turtles focuses a lot on mental health and the struggles that come along with it while also being a teenager, in love, and coming across a heck load of money! You can read my full review of the book here!

Melanie Murphy’s Fully Functioning Human (Almost) is the next YouTuber book on my list this month, and this one is going to surprise me, I think. As of writing this I’m only approximately 30-40 pages in, but so far its actually quite enjoyable. I’m only new to Irish YouTuber Melanie Murphy’s videos, and came across her recently whilst watching another YouTuber, Riyadh. Melanie’s videos vary from a lot of topics from lifestyle, to personal health and relationships, and her book is a snippet into her life, while also being a guide to life, too. I can’t wait to read more!

147thingsNow we come to a book which I have been the most excited about: 147 Things by Jim Chapman. Jim is one of my favourite YouTubers, and one of the very first YouTubers I ever started watching, so when he announced that he was going to be releasing a book, I knew it was one I was going to get regardless of the topic. Guess what: the topic of the book is about everything, or so the title says: 147 Things: My User’s Guide from Black Holes to Bellybuttons. Jim is an awesome guy, he’s handsome, charming, funny, you name it, so I can’t wait to dive in to his book, and learn all the things!

deathofwolverineLastly on my book haul for you guys I have some graphic novels! Wolverine graphic novels to be more precise. Once upon a time, I used to be a prolific comic book reader, and was so up to date with comics, reading and collecting them (literally spending my whole week’s wages on them), but in the last few years I’ve stopped. Mostly due to relocating to an area where my Local Comic Book Store isn’t as accessible to me as it used to be, but also because of the huge cost. Wolverine used to be (and still is) one of my favourite comic book characters, so when I found out recently that they killed him off, I was quite disappointed. I didn’t want it to be true either, so I avoided reading the comics in which they killed him. Recently though, Marvel just announced his return, so to celebrate, I went straight onto my phone and ordered me the graphic novel The Death of Wolverine which collects the comics in which he died, and All-New Wolverine volumes 1-3. The latter is about X-23, the female clone of Wolverine who decides to take his mantle and go on her own missions to fulfil his legacy.

And there you have it folks! This has been my October Book Haul–hope you enjoyed reading what books I picked up this month and be sure to leave a comment and let me know what books you picked up this month and/or whether you’ll be reading any of these! 🙂

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  1. I love Wolverine and I want to try more graphic novels, so I’m going to keep an eye out! No books for 3 months, I’d go gaga!

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