Nov. 16: A Stream of Consciousness

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Welcome to day 16 of my NanoPoblano streak, or “Blog everyday in November”. The aim of it is to write a blog post everyday in November for 30 days straight. Today’s post is more or less a stream of consciousness post. I’ve been very busy these past few days, and thought I’d have more content to share with you, but alas no, and I find myself straggling, and writing the posts last minute on the day, as opposed to the night before like I normally do.

As I write this I’m sitting at my creative writing group that meets fortnightly. We’re currently in a new location. We’re adjusting, trying to settle. Normally we start at 7pm, but it has now just gone 20 minutes past the hour, and we’re just getting started. Today there is seven of us here in total. It can vary from meeting to meeting how many of us meet. Sometimes there can be as little as three or four of us, to some weeks when there can be ten of us. It really depends.

19:30pm: Everyone is chatting and talking about books and writing anthologies. It looks like there isn’t going to be much work done tonight. The conversation has turned to authors and being rejected numerous times before being accepted. J.K. Rowling: 27+ times, Stephen King: 60+ times.

19:35pm: Finally we begin. A poem is read out by one of our members, a poem he submitted and got accepted into a poetry anthology. Powerful images come across, of a seven year old bird boy, flying across the countryside. The results come in. Followed by questions. Why a boy–why seven years of age? A comment: “very Gothic”.

19:40pm: Another reading. More of a recital, actually. She recites some lyrics she has written from memory. Results come in of praise. It’s her first meeting here at the writer’s group. Members are in awe of her memory, and her ability to recite at will.

Readings continue past 8pm, before the group loses focus, and breaks back into conversation. This is more or less the rhyme and reason of a usual meeting here at the writer’s group. No structure/format. Just take it as it is. We’ve tried structuring the meetings, and while it worked well at the time, it just goes back to the unorganised chaos that it is.

While there isn’t much structure or work done and the meetings, I think it is viewed more by other members as a social thing. They meet to chat and talk about books and what they’re working on, as opposed to using the time to work on their projects or whatever they’re working on. While it’s a great opportunity to meet people of like-mind and have interesting discussions, I feel like the time could be better used. There have often been times when I’ve sat in the writer’s group and wondered would my time have been better off spent at home, writing away on my own…

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  1. Dave often felt the same dissonance. It’s why he designed Diamonds or Dust, so he could have real critique. It worked really well but was a handful and a half to manage.

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