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Notebook Haul

Before we begin today’s blog post, I would like to give a big shout out to Abrams & Chronicle Books for sending these beautiful notebooks out to me! I shall love and cherish them all, as I do with all my notebooks!

2017-05-06 13.12.22
Notebook Haul!

So when I was sent these notebooks, I didn’t know what I was going to expect! Of course, the first one that really caught my attention was The Box. This is a really bizarre and unorthodox notebook to say the least. It has several different types of page linings in it and has the top left and bottom right corners ‘sliced’ off. I think it will make for some great note taking!

theboxThe Box by Brian McMullen

Give yourself a break and think inside the box for once! With an inventive die-cut package and a stress-relieving concept, this journal offers a unique place to record ideas-whether they are simple of totally unprecedented.

Next up is the Good Things Are Happening (Guided Journal). I think I’m going to love this one the most, as it’s super interactive and has different illustrated quote on almost every second page, and every other page prompts you to note “3 Moments of Joy”! I think this is beautiful, and great, as it really implores you to pick something to be grateful for in your life, whether it be something like having food on your table or someone helping you complete a task you wouldn’t have gotten done otherwise. I’ll definitely be cherishing this one!

2017-05-06 13.16.19Good Things are Happening (Guided Journal) by Lauren Hom

In each of our lives there are moments that make us unabashedly happy: getting an unexpected compliment from a stranger, finding a forgotten £20 in your pocket, or even getting into a bed with clean sheets. Good Things Are Happening guides readers to reflect on these seemingly small moments, letting them become focal points in an otherwise hectic day. This book is illustrated with 52 of Lauren Hom’s original, hand-lettered pieces of art that serve to remind readers how ordinary moments can brighten their day. An additional ten prompts ask readers to delve into their positive thoughts by creating reflective lists. Designed in bright, playful colours that mirror the optimistic theme of the prompts, this journal will have any reader finding extraordinary happiness in the ordinary.

Next are the most beautiful trio of notebooks I have ever owned. Not only are these three notebooks very Instagram-able, they are super nice to write on! I had an opportunity to use one of these notebooks last week while out on a job, and found the paper to be of superb quality–and they can sustain a bit of drizzly rain too! Like I said, the covers on them are super adorable–one with flowers, the other macrons and the third one looks like they got their hands on a load of washi tape and went mad! The packaging they came in was also super-cute.

2017-05-06 13.17.55Encyclopedia of Rainbows Notebook Collection by Julie Seabrook Ream

For those who love colour-coding and things arranged neatly, this trio of notebooks featuring Julie Seabrook Ream’s photos of objects organised by colour is the ultimate eye candy.

2017-05-06 13.18.47

Last but not least, we have a set of 4 of the cutest little notebooks. These 4 notebooks, given their size, have the nicest paper quality I’ve come across. Each one is lined differently. one lined, dot, graph and one blank. The cover on each notebook is a simple flat colour with a very simple but very beautiful hand drawn illustration. These little beaut’s are going to be perfect for when I need to pop a notebook in my pocket when I’m running out the door!

Set of Notebooks by Adam J. Kurtz

Track plans, jot down reminders, scribble confessions, and anything else that comes to mind with this set of pocket-sized notebooks created by Adam J. Kurtz, graphic designer, artist and author of the international bestseller 1 Page at a Time. Each of the four notebooks has a bright, textured cover and a different interior (one is lined, one has graph paper, one has a dot grid, and the other is completely blank).

2017-05-06 13.14.43

And thus concludes my first ever notebook (or any other type) haul here on the blog! Ironically just before I received these notebooks, I had placed myself on a notebook-buying ban (yes I have that many I have to ban myself from buying more), so I was over the moon when these were delivered!

I’d love to get all your thoughts and opinions and all that jazz, whether it’s about the notebooks or doing future hauls, let me know!

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