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New Rome Week 4: Better Late Than Never

Hey guys so I’m a day late this week, but oh well! At least I am now in line with Brad over on Green Embers! Go click that link to find out the rules and how to participate in Building Rome!

What have I got for you this week? Not much, really. I was back to work on Wednesday, so that means I am now back into some form of routine instead of wasting away my days doing nothing. My work schedule from now on seems like its going to be Wednesday-Friday and Saturday and/or Sunday. I don’t mind this really, and maybe because I will be working most Sundays, I might just change Monday to the day I post this New Rome post from now on.

What have I done all week, apart from work? I started a new painting. You can follow me on Instagram @deanz_doodlez for all the updates and other artwork from me over there. I’ve been posting a WIP pic of the painting as I do each step, and its interesting to see the painting go from a blank canvas to a finished piece. I hope to actually finish the painting later tonight or tomorrow.

What else… I fell behind on my Daily Sketches NYR and ended up spending an hour on Friday catching up on all the days I missed but I’m back on track and you can see the not very good/rushed sketches I did over on Dean’z Doodlez. As for my No Cola NYR, that’s still A-OK. I had one or two glasses during the week, but once it isn’t the ONLY thing I am drinking, I think I’m safe. I’ve been drinking diluted fruit juices in its place, and coffee to replace the caffeine.

And if you haven’t yet already, please head on over to Dean’z Doodlez Comics where this week’s newest comic strip is now live! I very much enjoyed making this one, so I hope you guys like it too!

This coming Sunday (Feb. 1st) will be my Birthday! So I’ll be back here next Monday to check in with you guys and to fill you all in on my Birthday gossip! So until next time… 😉

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