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New Rome Week 3: The Domain Game

Welcome folks to week 3 of the Building Rome series here on WBW! For more info on what Building Rome is, visit the Green Embers blog where Bradley has all the info you need!

What’s new this week? Wee Bit Wordy became an official .COM website! That’s right, I have bought the domain name for Wee Bit Wordy so that it now flies under instead of “”! WBW is the third and last of my blogs to now to have its own domain name, and being the other two.

As well on WBW this week, I shared with you my Top 5 New Graphic Novel Releases in 2015, and I have to say there are quite a few there that I am very excited for! Many of you know graphic novels and comic books are a passion of mine along with books and art. Check it out and let me know of any new graphic novels that you know of and are excited for!

Over on Dean’z Doodlez I have been continuing my Daily Sketches so make sure to check them out, and over on Dean’z Doodlez Comics, my second comic strip went live on Thursday! I would really appreciate if you checked that out and maybe even subscribed?

As for my NYR’s, I am back on top of them! I haven’t had a drop of cola since last week and I’ve been keeping on top of my Daily Sketches and my personal journal!

That’s it for this week really. I’ve been off work all week due to my cancellation last week with the whole toe-incident and am back on Wednesday. Until next week folks! 🙂

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