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New Rome Week 2: Not Toe-day, Sir…

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Hi guys! This week I would love to be writing this sitting in my bed with my toe in the air, resting gently on a super fluffy pillow are having an ingrown toenail removed on Friday. But that, sadly, is not the case. Instead I am sitting at my desk, feet tucked underneath me on my swivel-chair, sulking at the super crappy Irish Healthcare System! I arrived at the hospital on Friday, at 3pm as instructed by the letter sent to me in the post, only to be told that the procedure couldn’t be done today as the hospital has gone into overflow, and they need all the surgical rooms they can get, so anyone that had a non-urgent surgical procedure scheduled to take place that day walked away untouched and none the wiser as to when they (and I) will be actually having the procedure done! Oh well… what’s a fella to(e) do!

I’ve also fallen behind on my NYR’s already! Yes, already! I’m a few days behind on my Daily Sketches (serious catching up to do there!) and I don’t think I’ve written in my journal since last week… oops! Maybe I’ll make it a weekly journal, and update it once a week like I do here on Building Rome. I also fell off the no-coca-cola wagon on Friday too! Because we presumed that the procedure was going ahead, I was told to have plenty of sugar in my system to help with the local anaesthetic, but as you know, that never happened and 500ml’s of Coca Cola later I’ve broken one of my NYR’s–but I like to think of that one as a special exception under the circumstances in which it involved. I hadn’t drank any cola up until then, and I haven’t since, so I am back on track!


My 1st comic strip went live over on Dean’z Doodlez Comics!!! Hooray!!!

For those of you not in the know, I have started a new comic strip series over on where every Thursday I post a new comic strip! What is Dean’z Doodlez Comics? The comic strips are all one-off comic strips each one unrelated to the next, and they do be about anything and everything, all based around a character that very much resembles yours truely. The site went live at New Year with a big Happy New Year banner, and the first comic strip titled “Quack!” went live on Thursday January 8, 2015. The next strip goes up on Thursday January 15, 2015 so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for that! There is also a subscribe box over there so you can be guaranteed to be informed of the weekly update every Thursday!

And that is a wrap for this week, folks! I hope your week was a little better than mine–nothing went right for me at all–I’ll see you guys back here next Sunday for another Building Rome update! Toodles! 🙂

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  1. Oh man. Well I hope you’re able to get the surgery soon. Don’t worry about trying to catch up, you’ll start to feel super overwhelmed (well from my experience anyway). My advice is start now for everyday, and if you miss a day, well move on to the next day.

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