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New Coffee Flavour Experiences!

The last two weeks have been very interesting in terms of trying new flavours of coffee! I decided I was fed up of getting just my regular latté or flat white in Costa Coffee, so I decided to try some new stuff!

The first of the new tastes was a Caramel Iced Latté! I had tried an iced coffee before several years ago when I was away on holidays, but it was an unsweetened iced coffee, and I like my coffee sweet, so when I tried it I did not like it at all! This time though, I decided to get the Iced Latté with caramel, as I knew the regualar caramel latté was sweet enough for my palette. I loved it! It took me a couple of sips to get over the fact I was drinking cold coffee, but when I gave it a swirl with the straw, the caramelreally blended well with the ice and coffee to make a delicious drink! I definitely recommend this coffee on a warm hot day where you need something to quench your thirst and to cool you down!

The next new coffee experience was a Chai Latté, but when I think about it now, chai latté isn’t coffee–its the fact it has latté in its name that I think it is a coffee, but really it isn’t. What a chai latté really is “extract of black tea with aromatic spices served as a sweetened milky latte”. My verdict: YUCK!

I picked this drink as I saw a friend order it a few months back and thought “hmm, I think I’ll try that someday!”. Never again! If you don’t like cinnamon, don’t get it! It is very overpowering in my opinion. But that is my thoughts, you might like that. I don’t.

Last but not least is the hazelnut latte! Oh. My. Gosh! This was amazing! This was another recommendation, but this time from a different friend. How do I describe this to you… I think I’ll tell you what I thought of it as I took my first sip: it was like drinking a cup Nutella! Nutella without the intense chocolate flavour though, more hazelnut flavour, obviously, as its a hazelnut latte, but yeah: if you love Nutella, you’ll love this!

Have you tried any new coffees recently? Got any other coffees you think I should try? Comment below! 🙂

In case you couldn’t tell, Costa Coffee is my local coffee shop, and I love their coffee! All photos used in this blog post belong to Costa Coffee and is copyright to them and I don’t claim them to be my own in any fashion!

9 thoughts on “New Coffee Flavour Experiences!”

  1. We love our coffee in Canada. We have Tim Horton’s here as well as Starbucks and a few others, but no Costa. I did try them last time I was in England though, and enjoyed them very much. The furthest I sway from the regular cuppa joe is mocha. And even then, I can’t get my mind around drinking cold coffee! I’m sure it’s all in my head though. 😛
    They certainly look delicious though!

        1. Yeah its odd–I really should look into it because coffees don’t give me headaches, and niether does cocoa powder/hot cocoa, but put the two together and it really knocks me for six!

  2. During this hot humid Taiwan summer, my morning coffee is the only one I drink hot. The rest of the day, it’s iced. At my favorite coffee shop, I always have iced latte, but if I stay for several hours, I get more than one. And my LAST one of the day is always VANILLA Latte. Much like caramel, which I do like, but the vanilla is awesome.. Even with ice cream, I prefer vanilla to chocolate, so it’s the perfect thing for me. 🙂

      1. It’s my treat to myself. I try to avoid most sweets, as I’m working on weight loss, but this I will allow as a reward for the progress made on my coffee trip. 🙂

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