My Top 5 Travel Necessities!
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My Top 5 Travel Necessities!

Hey guys! Hope your Monday is doing better than mine (I’m stuck in work as this post is going live). This coming weekend I shall be taking off on a little road-trip with some close friends of mine, so I’ve decided to compile My Top 5 Travel Necessities! These are the things I bring with me no matter where I go, and you’ll never find me without them.  


So of course the first item on my list is going to be my phone–to be totally honest, I don’t leave the house without my phone let alone travel without it. My phone has become an extra limb, and to go anywhere or be anywhere without it, you might as well have hacked one of my arms or legs off! I’m going to throw a little bonus item in here, and that’s an external battery pack! You never know when your phone’s battery is going to be drained, and you find yourself in an emergency with no battery power left in your phone, so that’s definitely a must!


Of course I’m going to put a book on this list! Wait, what’s that–you didn’t know that? Oh Hello there! My name is Dean and welcome to Wee Bit Wordy, my book review blog. 😉 Depending on what mood I’m in, or what I am reading will depend on whether I bring an actual book or my Kindle with me. Another factor to consider is whether you’re going on a long or short trip. On longer trips I’m more likely to bring my Kindle, as I’ll be reading more books, so I don’t want to be bringing lots of books with me. If it’s a weekend trip, like I’ll be doing this weekend, I’m more likely just to bring one book with me. I love bringing a good book for when we’re on route to our destination, because its the only time you know you’re going to get at least an hour’s worth of decent reading done, and it helps pass the time.


I love taking photographs. Everywhere I go, you’re more than likely going to find me taking photos wherever that might be. I recently got this beautiful Canon Eos 100D SLR for my birthday, and I haven’t had a really good opportunity to take advantage of it. I’ve started using it to take photos on the blog here too, and I’m really liking it so far. I’m very much a believer of taking photos when I go on trips. They’re the no. 1 method of having memories to look back on all the good times. Just don’t forget to bring the charger–and maybe a spare battery!


A Notebook and/or a sketchbook. Usually both. I’m a very creative person. I love to write, and I love to draw, so more than likely you’re going to find these in my bag, or on my person when I go travelling. I once left the house without either, and one of my closest friends got really freaked out. He thought I was sick. On the left of the photo is my sketchbook, which is an A5 hardback Moleskine, and on the right is my Bullet Journal, which is an A5 Leuchtturm 1917. Sketchbooks and notebooks act the same way to me as a camera. I use them to document memories and other events like planning out the trip, where we’re going, etc. I love flipping through old notebooks and sketchbooks and reminiscing on old times!


Last on my list, but not least is headphones. Or earphones if you’re not a fan. Sometimes you jut need your own space, and I find the best way to do that is to put on a pair of headphones and blast the tunes as loud as you can. I also find it can be quite hard to sleep at night if I’m somewhere I’m not used to, so sometimes I’ll stick my headphones on and play some soft music, just so drowns out the background noise. Also if you’re sharing a room with someone, they’re great for blocking out snoring (but if I’m totally honest, I’m usually the one doing the snoring!).

And there you have it! Those are my Top 5 Travel Necessities! I hope you enjoyed this little list, maybe found it helpful and maybe picked up some tips along the way. What are your top 5 travel necessities? Anything you think I should add to this list or is this very similar to yours? 🙂

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