My Top 5 Most Anticipated New TV Shows of 2016

We’re coming into a new season of TV series. Most of our favourites are returning, but some of them unfortunately didn’t make the cut. But with those cuts, comes room for some brand new TV shows. Here are my Top 5 New TV shows that I’m hoping to get stuck into. Hopefully you can find some new favourites from it too!

  1. Marvel’s Luke Cage (September 30, Netflix)

    As a long time Marvel fan, I’m super excited about this one, and that’s why I’ve put it at the top of my list. I’ve watched all of Marvel’s live-action TV series, Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter, Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Now Luke Cage is joining the ranks and I. Just. Can’t. Wait! Rumour has it too, that this series of Luke Cage takes place during series 2 of Daredevil, so it will be interesting to see how that works!

  2. Son of Zorn (September 11, Fox)

    This looks hilarious! I’m not one for watching stupid TV, but I recently binge watched Rick & Morty, and this looks like it’s going to be up there with it on the same level of stupidity, yet equally hilarious too. If you’re looking for a chuckle, I’d say look no further.

  3. Westworld (October 2, HBO)

    Westworld looks really frickin’ cool, if you ask me, and when you’ve got names like J J Abrams and Jonathan Nolan at the helm, holy smokes! This looks like it’s going to make for some good TV, and I think I can honestly say, going by the trailer alone, I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it before…

  4. Timeless (October 3, NBC)

    Ok, my honest first reaction to this was: this is just like DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, just without the super-heroes! A group of people going back in time trying to stop history from changing. While we’ve seen endless variations of this kind of show, I’m still dubious and excited to see where it goes and what they do with it, and to see if they can do something different with it. Fingers crossed!

  5. The Good Place (September 19, NBC)

    The Good Place is last but not least. Although, it was the least interesting to be out of all five…so maybe? While this show seems reasonably normal compared to all the others I’ve listed above, it still has that far-fetched vibe to it, what with it being set in Heaven, or The Good Place, as it’s so-called in the trailer. Like Son of Zorn, this one seems like it will be good for a laugh if nothing else.

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