My Top 5 MALE Bloggers!!!
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My Top 5 MALE Bloggers!!!

Alternative Title: Where are all the Male Bloggers at?!?

Today I’m sharing a different type of blog post. Today I want to bring your attention to some male bloggers. I woke up this morning, got dressed made my way downstairs and checked the post, to see that the newest edition of Blogosphere Magazine had arrived. After making myself some breakfast, I poured myself a coffee and curled up on the couch for half an hour to have a peruse through the magazine

I’ve been subscribed to this magazine for three issues now, and have noticed primarily one thing about the covers of those three magazines that arrived through my letterbox. They all had women on them. Inside the magazine, there is a double-page spread dedicated to their subscription services they have on offer, and on the left hand page, they have a gallery of all thirteen issues they have published so far. One thing struck me about all thirteen covers: only 3 of them had men on them. Three out of thirteen. Now, before I go any further, this blog post isn’t about the Blogosphere Magazine. It’s about the lack of male bloggers out there. I also decided to check the members list of a blogging Facebook Group I’m in, and apart from myself, there are only 5 other male bloggers in that group (in a group of 78 members).

Before I go any further, I will say, I debated whether I would make this blog post just about me ranting on about how we men are outnumbered in the blogging world, but I decided, that I wanted to promote some of my favourite male bloggers that I currently follow, and will read their blog posts on a very regular basis, to the point where, as soon as I see them in my inbox, or appear in my Bloglovin’ feed, I’ll make the time to read them ASAP.

I think I’ve prattled on enough, so without further ado, I give you:


1. This Boy Knows

I only came across This Boy Knows quite recently, and knew it was a blog I would enjoy reading, the moment I found it. The blog is run by Adam Coleman (AC), and he is from Limerick, Ireland. In fact, he’s the only Male Irish blogger on this list, because Irish male bloggers are even harder to come across. Here’s a snippet from Adam’s about page on the blog:

Beginning as a Fashion & Lifestyle blog, Adam has recently changed direction. Naturally over time he progressed in a new direction, exploring his interests and passions further. Keeping the Fashion & Lifestyle elements, Adam now writes more from the heart and his thoughts around the time of writing. Hoping to consistently bring valuable content to his followers. With a new found love of Content Creation, of all sorts, he promises This Boy Knows won’t be your typical blog. Come see the world through a young man’s eyes in an ever-changing digital world. Aiming to Create, Explore & Inspire.

My favourite blog post from This Boy Knows: Dear Dreamer

2. Dreaming Is Believing

Dreaming is Believing (or Dylan’s Daydream) is another relatively knew blog I recently came across, and another one I’ve been jumping to whenever he posts a new blog post. Dylan’s blog is a lifestyle based blog. He does posts like Monthly Favourites, List Posts, and posts like “what’s in my bag”, but from a male point of view. I think this is what draws me to this blog the most. It’s not often you stumble across a gem like this!

My favourite blog post from Dream Is Believing: Moving Into Adulthood: What No One Talks About


What drew me to RXCRDV’s blog, I guess, was the similarity to my own blog. Like my blog, he writes about books, TV series he’s watching, and shares travel photos. It’s not often you come across a blog that delivers content that you also enjoy to deliver. Here’s a snippet from RXCRDV’s about page:

Hello, I’m Ricardo Viscaya and I’m from Venezuela. I decided to create this blog for several reasons, but mostly because It’s a great way to express myself and to share my experiences and thoughts. So, I hope you enjoy and find this blog interesting and funny.

My favourite blog post from RXCRDV: Reading Passion: Favourite Books

4. Bromeosin

This one, while one of my favourites, is more of a casual blog that I follow. Bromeosin is a “Lifestyle and Minimalism” blog, and if anything, I find it very aesthetically pleasing! Bromeosin’s blog isn’t unlike Dylan’s, but the photos that Billy includes with his blog posts are what really draw me in. Here’s a snippet from the Bromeosin about page:

Here you can find all kinds of things from trip photography to lifestyle and interior design. I hope you enjoy your stay! If you do make sure to leave a comment and follow me on bloglovin’ to see more rad stuff.

My favourite blog post from Bromeosin: Busy Daze

5. You’ve Been Hooked

Out of all the blogs I’ve shared with you guys today, this blog has probably been the one I’ve been following the longest. You’ve Been Hooked is also probably one of the more underestimated blogs out there. The Hook is a bellman from Niagra Falls, and he tells the stories of some of the people he has to deal with on a daily basis, among other things. I have to admit this is one of the most entertaining blogs I follow, and some of the stories that the Hook shares with us are absolutely hilarious, and now I’m sharing it with you guys! Here’s a snippet from The Hook’s about page:

As a bellman, I’m the guy you don’t pay attention to; the one in the corner of the room, unloading your luggage, i.e., laundry baskets, garbage bags and pillows. I’m always watching, observing, picking apart your behavior, which is usually fascinating – and sometimes, disturbing. I call Niagara Falls, Canada, my home, but I’m a citizen of the world, connected to every corner of the globe through the experiences of others.

And you’re welcome to come along for the ride.

As I always say:

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  What happens in Niagara Falls?  That goes on my blog.”

As for my “civilian life”, I’m a husband, a father, a friend to at least ten unlucky souls, a victim, a survivor, an obsessive tweeter (I’m happy to report that William Shatner, among others, has blocked me), a failed author, TV pitchman (CBC hates my guts) and I currently occupy Number ten on the FBI’s “Who Cares About These People?” list.

My favourite blog post from You’ve Been Hooked: Money, money, money…

And there you have it! My Top 5 Male Bloggers! Are you a male blogger? Let me know! Know any male bloggers that I should check out that I might have missed? Let me know!

What’s your opinion on the ratio of female to male bloggers? Let’s discuss!


3 thoughts on “My Top 5 MALE Bloggers!!!”

  1. Michelle and I remarked on the same issue after being at BloggerConf this year! Although the ratio of female to male bloggers had a significantly smaller gap this year, there are still surprisingly few male bloggers showing themselves, but the ones who do seem to be quite successful! Interesting topic, and the blogs you mentioned sound interesting too! Can’t wait to check some of them out.

    1. Yeah, Saoirse I’m seriously starting to feel outnumbered these days. Felt the urge to put this post out in the hopes of finding new male bloggers 🙂

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