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My Top 5 Children's Books Growing Up

Hello my fellow Wordsmiths, its Day 7 of my Blog Everyday In September Challenge/Thing! Yes, I know I did a Building Rome post earlier today, but I do that every Sunday anyway, so I feel like that doesn’t count. It took me quite a while to rack my brains to find a topic to talk to you guys about today, but I finally got one: my Top 5 favourite books growing up. I was quite the bookworm as a child, from about the age of 9-10 onwards. I was forever reading, even in school if I got my class work done early, I would take out a book and read while waiting for everyone else to finish! Let’s begin, shall we:

1. Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling

  Why Harry Potter? I hear you ask. Quite simple actually. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone will always hold a place in my heart, as it was my first book that I ever read that wasn’t a picture book. That’s right, it was my first prose novel. I remember distinctly receiving it as a birthday present from my great aunt, and being completely flustered as to why it had no pictures in it. This resulted in having to be sat down and explained to me that not all books have pictures in them and that I was at an age where I could/had to start reading books that were more appropriate for my age. I haven’t stopped reading since–thanks aunty Nat!


2. A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket

After Harry Potter, I decided to give other books a go. I had seen others in my class in school reading this book and wanted to give it a go myself. I must say, at the time I actually found it a lot easier and more enjoyable to read than Harry Potter. Maybe it was Lemony’s style of writing, or maybe that it just wasn’t as text heavy as Harry Potter. To help make it even more enjoyable, there were some very nice illustrations in the editions I read, by an artist called Brett Hellquist. Mr Hellquist helped me create the characters in my head long before Jim Carey was even cast for the role–in fact I don’t think there was even a notion of a movie when I was reading these books!

3. Maximum Ride by James Patterson

Ah, Patterson… one of my favourite writers growing up. I first knew of James Patterson from my dad, who read quite a lot, if not all, of his books. One day while we were out book shopping, we happened across one of his many newest releases called Maximum Ride. Upon seeing it, my dad suggested that I get it. When I showed doubt, he told me how easy reading Patterson’s books where and that some of the chapters don’t even be half a page long. I think I stumbled upon a chapter which was just a single word… he wasn’t wrong! I flew through the book within a week, which for my 12-14 year old self was a record. Now at the age of 21, I still find myself veering towards the odd James Patterson book, just because they’re so quick and easy to read.


4. and 5. The Darren Shan Saga and the Demonata Saga by Darren Shan

I’m not sure how familiar the US is with Darren Shan. For those of you who don’t know him, he’s and Irish author and is “The Master of Horror” in the writing world. You should check out his books, as he writes for us adults as well as the children. I stumbled upon Mr Shan in school when everyone was reading this great new series called the Darren Shan Saga, which was about a boy who gets turned into a half vampire and becomes an apprentice to Mr Crepsley, a wise old vampire. There were 12 80-100 page books in this series, unfortunately I only got to six, before I started to grow out of the series, but the ones I did read I thoroughly enjoyed.

The Demonata Saga is a ten book series, with way more than 80-100 pages per book, and I would say would be recommended more for an age group of 14-16, as they are far more gorey than the Darren Shan Saga, and all I can truly say is not one of the ten books didn’t make my stomach turn at least once per chapter!




3 thoughts on “My Top 5 Children's Books Growing Up”

  1. When I was younger, I wanted to check out Darren Shan, but I knew the book covers were too scary that my mum would forbid me from reading them. R.L Stine had less scary covers, so I slipped that past her easily.

    1. I never read Goosebumps funny enough! I love Darren Shan though–check out the Demonata Saga, I’d safely say it would still gross me out if I read it today!

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