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My Top 10 Public Transport Moments!

This week, I couldn’t think of anything I was particularly loving this week for a Friday Fav, so I’m writing this in response to the Okay, What If Weekly Writing Challenge, where this week it has been asked of us to write our experience with public transport. I think this will be interesting for me to revisit some of my public transport horror stories as it has been at least 9 months since I last depended on public transport for daily commuting. When I moved when getting my new job, it transpired that my job was a short 15-20 minute walk from where I live as opposed to the 15-20 minute bus commute in my old job.

I still use the bus every now and again when I am travelling to see my folks, but that service isn’t half as bad as the bus service I used to get to work. I think I’ll make these into short little bullet points, as opposed to getting into a long rant about each incident. (PS: be prepared a good few gifs down the line!)

  • On one occasion I was sitting in the window seat, and the man sitting next to me decided to KO on alcohol and slumped over in his seat, blocking me from getting out, resulting in me having to climb over the back of my seat and get out that way…

  • I once got on a bus that was designated to go through the airport before reaching its destination. This frightened me as the bus is usually meant to have a sign like the letter “A” after its bus number to indicate that it is going to the airport. This bus did not, and I was terrified that I was going to be left abandoned at the airport with no fair to travel to any other destination.

  • Numerous random strangers speaking to me whom I wish wouldn’t.

  • Bus broke down.
  • Bus broke down again.
  • Did I mention that the bus tends to break down a lot?

  • Another incident was where the bus driver asked me to stay standing beside him as he drove, so he could tell me how my bus ticket worked. I was well aware of how my bus ticket worked, as I was the one who purchased, and was the one using it… (I dunno either!)

  • The smell of “strange substances” coming from the back of the bus…

  • The travel sick person!!!! >_<

  • The puke of said travel sick person running down the length of the bus, stinking the bus up and therefore causing everyone else to gag for the remainder of the journey!

And they are my Top 10 favourite things about public transport, the last one being my favourite one of them all! Seriously, I am so glad that I do not require daily public transport anymore, and only once a month at least! I really am sympathetic to those of you who do still require public transport!

So that was my public transport tales! Do you have any tales of terror involving tales of terror? I’d love to know! Comment below with a link if you make a blog post about it, and make sure you pingback to the Okay, What If Challenge too!

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