My Notebooks & Sketchbooks || 2016 Edition

My notebooks and sketchbooks that I’m sharing with you today!

Welcome to Day 5 of NanoPoblano 2016! Like yesterday, I’m revisiting an old post. Last year, I shared with you my abundance of notebooks and sketchbooks, ones that I was using and some that I wasn’t. This year, I’ve decided to share with you only the notebooks and sketchbooks that I am using at the minute! If you’d like to read last years post, CLICK HERE. Otherwise, on with the books. I’m going to start on the top, and work my way to the bottom:

On top, is my A6 Canson sketchbook. You can barely see it in the photo, but it is there. I started using this sketchbook back in January 2016, but lost it towards the end of February. I only found it recently, in the last month or so, and I haven’t gotten around to using it again since. I will use it though. I hate when sketchbooks go to waste!

The notebook underneath the sketchbook, is what I call my “creative writing journal”. In it, I keep all my creative writing notes. I’m part of a group that meet up every second Wednesday, and we read stuff we’re working on, and do some writing. It’s a leather journal that has a wraparound cover, which is kept together with some string and a little anchor pendant. It has a 6 ring binder thing on the inside, making it almost like a Filofax. I keep lined and blank paper in it, in case I feel like doing a doodle while I’m at it.

Underneath that, is another sketchbook. This one is an A5 Moleskine sketchbook. I was gifted this by a good friend for my birthday in February, which was quite fortunate, as this was around the same time that I lost my A6 Canson sketchbook!  I use this Moleskine as a general sketchbook, whenever I get an idea for a card, or for an illustration I usually doodle it in here. I mentioned on Day 1 of NanoPoblano that I plan to do a 25 Days of X-Mas Art Challenge, and I will more than likely using this sketchbook to either do the drawings in, or sketch them out before I do the final illustration.

Underneath the sketchbook, second from the bottom, is my bullet journal. I’ve mentioned this before here on the blog. It’s in a Leuchtturm 1917 hardcover notebook, which is similar to a Moleskine notebook, but much better. It’s dot-grid, which is very different for me as, I’ve never written in a dot-grid notebook before. I think I’ll be investing in more in the future. If you’re wondering what a bullet journal is (or BuJo for short), it’s basically an organisation system. I’m not going to explain it to you, because I’ll only make a shambles of it, so instead I’m going to steer you in the direction of the source: bulletjournal.com. It’s creator, Ryder Carroll invented it, and he also has some videos on YouTube explaining it too. I swear by my bullet journal, and I genuinely ask myself how I ever got anything done before I started using it!

And last but not least, is my leather “traveller’s notebook”. If you’re unfamiliar with a traveller’s notebook, it is usually a piece of leather, generally in A5 or A6 size, with elastics in it, which enables you to pop three (and sometimes four) notebooks or sketchbooks. If you need more information, you can Google it, or search the term on YouTube, and prepare to be bombarded. There’s a company called The Traveler’s Company and they are the creators of the Midori traveller’s notebook, and that is the most popular/common one that will probably pop up for you. Anyway, getting back to mine: In my traveller’s notebook, I am keeping three 48 page softcover sketchbooks, each one with it’s own purpose for projects I’m working on which I use for rough drafting and scribbling in, and then I have a Moleskine Chapters Insert. This is blank at the minute, as I’ve just popped a brand new one in there. Usually I’ll bring my traveller’s notebook with me when, you guessed it, I’m travelling. It’s handy that I can keep a notebook and a sketchbook together in one leather journal, and I can replenish them when they get full, which is great and inexpensive, as the notebooks and sketchbooks that I pop in here never cost be any more than €5.

Oh, and I just remembered, before I go, another journal I keep, which isn’t pictured, is a dream journal. I think everyone should keep one of these by their bedside locker. Dreams are important!

And there you have it! Those are my current notebooks and sketchbooks that I’m using! Sometimes I question why I have so many and whether or not I actually need that many, and then I try and condense them, which never works out and I end up exploding into lots of sketch and notebooks again. Like I said, these are only the ones that I’m using at the minute, so you can only imagine the amount of notebooks and sketchbooks that I have that I’m not using.

See you tomorrow! 🙂


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  1. I love notebooks and journals. I love stationery too! I have tried journaling and having sketch books but I always lose interest in them after some time..sigh…
    I do love watching YouTube videos on these though! And bullet journaling can be so fun and creative..but I didn’t get any because I know myself..lol.

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