My Holiday Essentials!
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My Holiday Essentials!

Today’s post, like last week’s is a bit of an update! This week I’m bringing you guys an update to my Travel Essentials! In my last travel post (My Top 5 Travel Essentials) I gave you guys just the key necessities that I bring with me, but this time around I want to show you a little more. By this time next week I’ll have taken off and be sunning myself in beautiful Spain, so my packing this time around, while similar, is a little different than just your usual road trip. The items I’m about to list below are the items I usually bring with me as my carry-on luggage.



So as you guys know I love to read, so of course one of the main things I have to bring with me on holidays is a book (or two). I’ve fallen behind in my reading lately, if I’m totally honest, so this week away will be a great opportunity to catch up on that!


I am an artist, and an avid notebook scribbler, so I always carry either a notebook or a sketchbook with me, or sometimes both! If you follow me on my art blog (Dean’s Digest) you’ll know I’m participating in a 100 Day Drawing Project, which I shall be continuing while I’m over there!


I’ll be bringing my cameras with me while I’m on holidays, and hey I may even do a little video-type-wanderlust-montage-thing. I’m also hoping to bring my traditional film SLR that I got when I was in college. I haven’t used this baby in a few years, so I’m dusting off its cobwebs and giving it some time to shine once again!


Headphones are really important for me when I go away–not necessarily for when I’m over there, but more for the journey to and from my destination. I’m not great at chatting/conversation when I’m travelling, and generally prefer to listen to music, especially if its a longer journey.

Laptop and Phone

My laptop and phone are like extra body limbs at this stage, and I always feel lost if I go anywhere for a long period of time without them. Along with that then, comes the chargers, and cables that go along with them.


For some odd reason, I always will carry my toiletries with me in my carry on luggage. I always find that they are easier to access when they are there, especially if I have sudden urge to brush my teeth while I’m at the airport, or need an extra spray of deodorant, and all that jazz. This means I need to put everything like shampoo and other liquids in little 100ml bottles, which is perfectly fine with me.

That more or less covers my carry-on luggage. Nothing really special then with my suitcase if I’m totally honest. I’ll pack clothes as appropriate for the weather to the place I’m going, and I’ll throw in a few extra bits that can’t go in my carry-on luggage, for example: beach towel, sun lotions, etc.

What about you? Does your carry-on bag resemble something like this? Or is it completely different–let me know! 

PS: Like I mentioned, I’m going to be away next week, so it’s more than likely that I won’t have a blog post for you guys–unless I can rope someone to hosting a guest blog post for me? Hint hint* 😉


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