My Dublin Comic-Con 2016 Recap!

This weekend just gone, we had Dublin Comic-Con (DCC) here in Ireland, in the Convention Centre Dublin down on the docklands. If I’m not mistaken, DCC has been running now for 2 or 3 years? I could be wrong, but this was my first time attending it since it started. I did attend D.I.C.E (Dublin International Comic Expo) for the 3 years it ran, several years ago, but I can tell you here and now, it was miniscule in comparison to DCC.

DCC ran for 2 days, but unfortunately I was only able to attend one of the 2 days (Sunday). There was lots to see and do, including panels, guests, photoshoots, etc. I did none of that though. There was so much on in the main convention hall, so many sellers, that we didn’t even think about going to see any of the panels or doing any of the photoshoots–I know, crazy right?

I bought lots of stuff–mostly posters, and art prints. But I got a few other nice gems like a really cool Green Lantern ring, and a Pop! figure of Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance dressed in his Black Parade outfit, because that’s the MCR I loved, the album that got me hooked on them when I was teenager, and even though I hardly listen to them at all anymore, I still love The Black Parade album, and I’ll never skip a song from it if it manages to come on when I shuffle my music.

As well as merch, there were plenty of props, and photo ops. For example:

2016-08-07 17.21.51
Me trying to lift Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer!

And then to end the day we played some Fallout collector’s edition Monopoly while we waited to go see a late night screening of Suicide Squad, which was amazing! Didn’t love it, didn’t hate it, but it was awesome! I definitely recommend you go see it, regardless of whether or not you’re a comic book fan!

Overall it was a really good day, and I caught lots of great Pokemon too, and even took over a local gym!

2016-08-08 15.54.03

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