My Bullet Journal (Update)!
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My Bullet Journal (Update)!

Hey everyone! I’m back here today with another Bullet Journal video! It’s been a while since I last did one, and as I was reading back over it, I realised I didn’t actually share a lot of what was in my bullet journal with you guys! If you want to see that post, you can click here!

2017-07-04 15.19.10First up we have my key, which has remained the same since last time. An open task is a dot, X for complete strike-through for cancelled, and so on.

The key, and the index are two main important elements to the bullet journal. The index helps you keep track of what you have where, by the numbered pages, and adding them to the index. Kind of like a table of contents, if you will.

Next up are my collections. Some of the collections I keep track of are my TBR (to be read), TBW (to be watched), €5 Savings Challenge, TV Tracker and a Future Log.

Some of my monthly collections include: a Monthly Calendar so I can keep track of all my events and appointments as well as birthdays, A memories page, Line-a-day where I keep note of something significant that happens each day, as well as sometimes throwing in my blog schedule there too, but not so much now that I have my Paperchase Organiser.

If you’re interested in seeing a slightly more in-depth version, you can check out the video I made below:


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