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(Mid-)Weekly Word (15): Frustrated

*Sighs*… yes this was meant to go up on Monday, but I was away and I forgot to write/schedule this post, so…yeah…I’m actually finding it really hard to remember last week at this stage as it is…oh yeah, that’s right: I was working all week, so I did absolutely nothing but work. Sorry that this post is going to be a bit shorter than normal, hopefully business shall resume to normality next week, because at the minute I am just stressing about getting this post out to you guys!!!

Last week’s goals:

  • Keep reading.

I finished the book I was reading (BZRK by Michael Grant) this evening so I have to pick a new one now! ^>^

  • Don’t eat two Easter Eggs in one day!

Success! (considering I only have one egg left and I haven’t touched it yet!)

  • Walk/Exercise more! Try have that coffee and go for a walk at 9AM instead 9PM!!!

Brought the dogs for walks, and walked in and out of work everyday.

  • Look into taking a night class! Something computer/web-design related maybe?

Didn’t get a chance to this week. Too much on my plate at the minute, so I am holding off on this for another week or two.

  • You can do it!

Thanks! I really needed this comment because it was a tough week! But I am back on track this week! 🙂


  • Pick a new book, and start reading it!
  • Walk/Exercise.
  • Keep on track of Dean’z Doodlez (I’ve fallen behind on my posting over there!)
  • Work on getting some stuff for my room (cushions, shelves, storage boxes etc.)

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1 thought on “(Mid-)Weekly Word (15): Frustrated”

  1. Walking the dogs is great exercise, imo. Sadly it snowed too much today (snowing in April is wrong) for me to take Nina for a proper walk. You’re doing great, keep it up! 😀

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