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xmenknightshauntedIn a small cabin in the woods, the X-Men find a young mutant learning to control her powers.but she’s not alone! As the X-Men are ambushed by a horde of super-villains and two new mutants’ powers begin to spiral out of control, can the X-Men save an entire town? Or, as infighting threatens to pit teammate against teammate, will the scattered and manipulated X-Men fall to an army of foes ripped from their own minds? What happens when your past comes back to kill you?

Collecting: Marvel Knights: X-Men #1-5

I recently picked this graphic novel up in one of my local bookshops for a steal at €5. I’ve been a fan of the X-Men since day one of my comic book reading days. One of the first comics I remember picking up for myself, in fact, was Essential X-Men (Vol.1) #84, which was (and still is) a UK reprint edition, which usually reprints 3-4 issues in one binding every month for the price of your usual 30-something page comic. The only downside is, it’s always usually 3-6 months behind what’s currently on the shelves in the US.

I loved this graphic novel. It was quite dark in comparison to the usual X-Men stories, although I guess that’s why it was printed under the Marvel Knights banner, which usually does tend to tell more darker stories compared to the usual main titles. I loved that this was almost like your good old fashioned who-done-it murder mystery, with a twist of paranormal suspense–almost like the old Scooby Doo cartoons from years ago, except without the comedy element.

If you’re a fan of the X-Men, or want to start reading a graphic novel, I think this one holds a good strong ground as a stand-alone story. Although, there were some aspects of it the story that you might not pick up on or be confused about if you aren’t up to date with what’s going on in the X-Men world. There’s a reference in there were Kitty and Logan are talking about getting to the new mutant before Cyclops does, and straight away this tells me that this takes place after the Marvel Event AvX where the Avengers and X-Men went toe-to-toe, and the X-Men themselves ended up parting ways, Cyclops branching off with his small roster of X-Men, and Wolverine branching off in the other direction, taking over the Xavier School and teaching all the younger mutants. Apart from that though, I don’t think there’s much requirement into being up-to-date with all the X-Men stories.

The story was brilliant, but the artwork wasn’t my cup of tea, if I’m honest, but that’s my personal opinion. As an artist, I very much get excited when I see certain artists are drawing certain comics, so when I got my hands on this graphic novel and saw that it was an artist I didn’t know or recognise, I was a bit disappointed. Don’t let that deter you though, as I know quite a few people who love reading comics and graphic novels and don’t even bat an eyelid as to who drew it or what style it drawn in. I find if the story is good enough, you can overlook the artwork, and focus on the story, and if you can find yourself doing that, you know you’re onto a winner!

Have you read this graphic novel? If so I’d love to know what you thought of it!


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