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Luke Jensin's Day from Hell!

So straight away I’m going to tell you this post is about my gameplay on Sims 4!

I created a character who goes by the name Luke Jensin (I used the randomizer), and I just have to tell someone about the day he has just had.

It started out normally waking at around 12 noon. His partner was already at work, having left for a 7am shift in the secret agent career. Luke was due in to work at 4pm for his job as a criminal ring leader. All was going well until he decided to make himself something to eat. Scrambled eggs, I think it was as he made his way over to the stove with it, when suddenly a blaze is upon him! So after a struggle, he eventually gets himself extinguished. The cooker is destroyed, and he’s filthy dirty, not to mention starving and he can’t get himself something to eat as the fridge was destroyed in the blaze also. Why not just buy a new fridge? Insurance only paid so much (125 simoleans) which was far from enough to replace either appliance, and we only have 50 simoleans to our name. Thankfully partner returned home at 3pm from work and with a rise, so this helps to fix the hunger problem. Luke showers, and then goes to use the toilet when it breaks. So we spend our time fixing the loo as we now only have 39 simoleans in the bank. Toilet fixed and bowels relieved, its time for a kip, as Luke as bearly a third of his energy left, but what’s that? He leaves for work in less than an hour! He naps for about 20 sim minutes before waking and leaving for work. Never have I felt so sorry for a Sim as they made their way to work. It simply just wasn’t his day. 12 hours later (yes, 4am!) Luke returns home, a red plumbob over his head, energy levels at 0%–I’m surprised he even made it to bed.

It was so stressful for poor Luke, that even I got stressed for him and ended up saving and exiting the game right there and then! That was enough adventure for one day on the Sims 4 for me!

3 thoughts on “Luke Jensin's Day from Hell!”

  1. I love this! I have played a very old Sims game and struggled with the time element of the game. Also, there were a few fires and deaths. One Sim died on the patio and a gravestone appeared. Every time another Sim got close to it, they cried and cried! Fun game, though, even if it is hard to get it all done in one Sim day!

    1. Hoping to do more posts like this if Luke Jensin continues to be this adventurous! This adventure took place only after my 1st hour or two of game play with the character! ^.^

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