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Lifting the Limit on WBW?

courage-wolf-meme-generator-you-have-no-limit-dae941Hey guys!

I’ve been thinking lately, why do I limit myself to Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays for blogging here on Wee Bit Wordy. Sure, I have a nice little schedule created for myself, and sure it guarantees that I can post on bother here and Dean’z Doodlez, but what if I wanna talk to you guys on a Monday? Or Wednesday? What if I have something I need to get off of my chest on a Friday, just like TODAY??? I shouldn’t have to wait until Tuesday to unleash that upon y’all!

Don’t get me wrong though, I love my Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday schedule at the moment, so I shall be holding onto that thanks, but I’m thinking I need to lift this limit I have placed upon myself of not being able to post on every other day!

So, on a final note, I’ll see you guys TOMORROW, and SUNDAY and maybe even MONDAY! (maybe). (If I feel like it).


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