Leuchtturm 1917: 100th Anniversary Edition || Review
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Leuchtturm 1917: 100th Anniversary Edition || Review

leuchtturm1917 anniversary

A cover material that has been specially developed for this series gives the notebooks an elegant, metallic shine in Gold, Silver or Copper. As a minimalist design element of the company name, we have embossed 1917 on to a black wrap band. It is an indication of the anniversary year and the 100-year company tradition.

Today I’m sharing a slightly different type of review, this time of one of my favourite notebook companies: Leuchtturm 1917! As is implied in their name, the company started in 1917, and now in 2017 they are celebrating their 100th anniversary with these limited edition metallic notebooks, which come in three glorious colours: gold, silveleuchtturm1917 anthraciter and copper.

I first stumbled upon the Leuchtturm notebooks back in the summer of 2016 after seeing a YouTuber I watch, Boho Berry, use them as her bullet journal. I quickly ordered mine, as up until then I had been a big fan of the Moleskine as a go to notebook and sketchbook, but after seeing the quality of the paper and other traits of the notebook, I knew I had to have one. As soon as it arrived I quickly set up my bullet journal from the square grid Moleskine I was using, to this brand spanking new dot-grid Leuchtturm 1917 in the anthracite colour.

Fast forward to about two weeks ago, I see in a bullet journal group on Facebook, that Leuchtturm 1917 have released a 100th anniversary edition in three metallic covers, and I knew straight away that I needed to have one! I went straight to my current journal and checked how many pages I had left in it (approx. 100), and knew that I would be finished it very soon, considering the amount of pages I go through (at least 30-40 on a monthly basis).

2017-03-14 16.54.24
Excuse the dangerous looking letter opener…

My beautiful gold anniversary edition of the notebook arrived through my postbox to me yesterday. When I returned home to find it, I was overjoyed and couldn’t open it fast enough! It’s even more magnificent than the normal edition. The gold isn’t as shiny as I thought it would be, but it’s still very pretty, and the photo above doesn’t do it any justice of how shiny it actually is. When you open the notebook, there’s a lovely two page spread for you to write in what you’ve written on certain pages, in a section called “content”. Previously we had three of these pages in the notebook, but I won’t hold it against them for cutting it down to one.

2017-03-14 16.57.57
The content page: room for page number and page title.

The next thing I noticed in comparison to my regular edition, is that the dot grid on the pages are aligned slightly higher up, reaching closer to the upper and outer edges of the page margin, and leaving a slightly larger gap on the bottom. They’ve also increased the page number size slightly, so you can see it more visibly than in the regular edition–that’s right, the Leuchtturm notebooks all come with numbered pages! They also come with two page markers–yes, two!

Other than these knit-picky things, it’s still its usual awesome notebook and I cannot wait to move over my bullet journal into this notebook. Are you familiar with the bullet journal system? Click HERE to watch the short video explaining how it works by the creator Ryder Carroll! Would you be interested in seeing how I use/setup my bullet journal? Let me know and I may even do a post or two on my bullet journal! 🙂

2017-03-14 19.23.55
New gold Leuchtturm on top, my current Leuchtturm on the bottom!

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  1. Ooh…BohoBerry! I follow her on Youtube too! I love watching those “Plan with me” videos..I get all inspired..and that’s about that. Inspiration in these instances rarely turn into actionables, for some reason. I would love to see how you set up your journal though!

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