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July Favorites!

Hello hello guys! Normally I don’t update here on a Saturday (in fact I haven’t blogged on any blog on a Saturday for quite a while now) but we are now in August, and I want to share some stuff with you. As some regular readers may know, I’ve recently become afflicted with the YouTube bug. I’ve been watching lots and lots of videos and I’ve seen a tag come up on a lot of the vlogs that I don’t see at all in regular blogs, and that is a Monthly Favorites post. A lot of the vlogs I follow do a post once a month where they share stuff with the followers that they loved on that particular month or just some new stuff that they’ve bought. I would like to give this a go, but on a regular blog post, as opposed to a video, as I am still uncomfortable in front of a camera and hate hearing the sound of my own voice being played back to me. So with July gone, and without further ado, here are my July Favorites:

10458625_4546598841121_6904946663766505522_nThe first item I am sharing with you today, you may already be familiar with from my BR post a few weeks ago. Its a canvas I bought of an illustration of a cat! I love it, its cute and quirky and still waiting to be hung onto my wall!

Assassin's_Creed_III_Game_CoverThis next item is a bargain if ever I got one! I was perusing my local video game store, when I came across their “deal-of-the-week” and it was Assassins Creed III for the PS3 for a mere €5 !!!
I have yet to play it and can not wait to, because I’ve already played the previous versions and they are all amazing!!! And last, but not least:

DC645380lgHere in Ireland and the UK there is currently this Marvel Chess Collection series that comes out fortnightly, and every issue you get a new chess piece that is in the form of a Marvel character! My most recent piece that I got is Captain Marvel! These chess pieces are amazing and each and every statue is hand-painted by the guys over at Eaglemoss. I don’t know if the US get these, but I do know if you are from the US and want to start getting them, they are available from the website!

So there you have it! Those are my July Favorites! Like I said above, I’ve never seen this done on none vlogging platform, and would love to see other bloggers pick it up and do it in this format too! So if you do indeed do it, make sure to ping back to this post, or comment below with a link to your post so I can check it out!

(Disclaimer: I received no money/sponsorship/endorsement for advertizing these products.)

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