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Today’s prompt from the WordPress 365 Days of Writing is to write from the perspective of an object, thing, animal, or other person. I was originally going to write from the point of view of my cat Tiggey (who does star in today’s post anyway) but I realised she only hangs around really in the evening, and only sleeps most of that time, so instead, I’ve written it in the POV of my dog, Pippa! I hope you enjoy, and if you really like it and want more, let me know in the comments!

Wednesday, September 17th 2014


Today the boy didn’t waken from his slumber until after noon. He’s a very lazy boy when he has no fetching to be done. None the less, I sat waiting patiently in the room of sitting, where they keep my bed until he finally got up for feeding time. There was no treats for me today for morning feed. Normally I get what is left, but all he had was a few sausages. I drooled a lot and scraped at his foot, but my charms were not working.

After feeding time, was box staring time in the room of sitting. I have stared at this box many times and am fascinated by how it works. There are so many buttons that get pressed–and I love when the little white arrow moves around the screen. I chase it with my eyes, and sometimes I even try to catch it with my paws, but the box protects and I can’t get it. *whimpers*

After box staring time, its feeding time once again, and yet again nothing for me. There was nothing of interest really, so I paid disregard to the boy and napped in the room of sitting. While I nap the boy does some chores. He sprays water on the windows and scrubs them clean–I can see how pretty I am now!

After napping I decided to have a mooch in the garden. Tiggey came along to play and he tumbled around for a few minutes much to the boy’s delight. Tiggey is not like me, she can jump walls and fences, while I am stuck in the garden. But sometimes she brings home lovely mice as treats. The boy isn’t very appreciative when she brings them home–he pretends to thank her and tell her how kind she is for the present, but we both know he doesn’t mean it really. Silly boy.

Later on is big feed time! This is when the feeding room gets all warm and steamy, even smokey sometimes. The boy always keeps the door into the garden open in case he sets the big noise off! I don’t like the big noise, it hurts my ears and I always run to the end of the garden and hide behind my outside house. After a while when the big noise is gone and all the steam and smoke is gone, the boy calls me home for a treat. He knows I don’t like the big noise, so when it does go off he gives me something nice from his plate. This time its chicken–beautiful juicy chicken! But there’s no bones. He never gives me any bones from the chicken–only big fat ones from the pigs or cows!

After big feed time, its time for another nap while the boy does some more chores. I usually spend the rest of the day napping while the boy stares at his box and bashes the buttons. Sometimes I might even get a walk! And then other times he calls for my friends Wilson and Bing, and sometimes Ellie too, and we all go out onto the big grassy field and chase the ball! Its great fun. I don’t particularly like the ball, but when the others are fighting over it, I like to join in.

Anyway, that’s all I have for you today. I have to go back to my nap! I’m very full after my big feed!

Lots of Love,

Pippa x

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