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In Which WBW's Stats Go Sky High!

Happy Tuesday friends! Now, I know I don’t normally show my face here on a Tuesday but, I couldn’t help myself, because for the past 24 hrs my stats bar here on WBW has gone through the roof! 

On your normal day to day here on WBW with regular posts on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, I’m quite happy to have average stats ranging anywhere to 8-20 views/visitors per day. Yesterday? 300+ THAT’S RIGHT! Don’t believe me? Check this:

WBW Stats @23:45pm on April 27 2015
That’s right folks! I don’t Adam and Eve it either! The best part? It’s all because of my little post on Friday all about finding my new favourite bookshop! See where it says “Visitors 234”, that’s just on that post alone. The rest is for other pages/posts on WBW! I don’t know what’s going on, but thank you! Apparently Facebook is the source of it. Some body shared the link to the post and it’s been bringing them here. Not sure if I’ve gotten any new readers from this sudden stat boom, but if you are new or a regular reader, thanks for the support! I very much appreciate it!

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