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In Which WBW Hits 200 WordPress Followers!!!

200_s 200-followers-d-yay_o_2693799 lemgifIt’s a happy happy Monday folks!!! WHY?!? Well if you haven’t gathered by the title of this post, or the various meme/gifs above, WeeBitWordy has reached 200 FOLLOWERS here on WordPress!!! How amazing is that?!? WBW started not too long ago, April 1st 2014 to be exact, and only a year and 4 months later, we’re now 200 followers! To me that is mind-blowing! But I know WordPress isn’t the only place my blog is seen, and between Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Bloglovin’, and emails, there are approximately 550+ of you guys altogether–now that is mind-blowing!

giphyBut enough of all that statistical nonsense, I love you all regardless of how many of you there are! So how was your week? Mine was pretty quiet, considering the late start to it that I had (last week’s Weekly Word post went up on Tuesday). I didn’t do a lot really, I enjoyed the few days off work I had before having to return to work on Thursday evening. I also never shared a Wordless Wednesday post last week as I didn’t have a photo to share with you guys and as you know, I don’t like sharing stuff with you guys here unless I am truly happy with it myself.  I did, though, get a post out on Friday, which was titled In Which I Read “Into The Grey” by Celine Kiernan and I do believe that it was this post that helped me reach my 200 follower mark, as it was late Friday night when I got the notification that I had reached the landmark. You don’t know how badly I wanted to make a post over the weekend informing you guys of the news, but I refrained, telling myself, No Dean. It’s better to hold onto it, that way you have some exciting news for Monday’s Weekly Word! and boy am I glad I did!

Let me see… I think that’s all I have to tell you about the week gone by… and I don’t think I have much to say about this coming week either… like I mentioned last week, August is a pretty quiet month for me, so I don’t normally have that much planned for it. Everything that happens in August is spontaneous, which is great, and I think it’s why I don’t really hate it altogether as a month… anyway, I’m rambling–see you folks next week! πŸ˜‰

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